7 Part-Time Jobs Perfect for College Students

When you’re studying at college, money can be a little tight. Paying for your tuition, your accommodation and food can take up pretty much all of your budget. If you need to earn some extra cash in order to make the most of your college experience, a part-time job could be just the ticket.

But what part-time jobs are best for college students? You need a relatively flexible job that won’t interfere with your studies and still allow you some time for a social life.

Here are seven part-time jobs perfect for college students:

  • Waiter

Whether it’s in a coffee shop, a bar or a restaurant, working as a waiter is the ultimate job for college students. Depending on your employer, you can usually work flexibly, getting more shifts at the start of term and fewer shifts when you need to knuckle down and prepare for end of semester exams. You don’t usually need any experience, just a can-do attitude, the ability to work under pressure and a commitment to good customer service.

  • Tutor

Sign up with a tutoring agency or advertise your services online to teach your chosen subject to school kids. You can charge a decent hourly rate, particularly if you can help to prepare students from exams. Your own set of wheels would be really useful for this job as it gives you the ability to reach clients beyond the public transport network.

  • Delivery Driver or Courier

Plenty of companies now offer a delivery service and employ freelance drivers or cyclists to drop off parcels, food and important documents. You’d need your own car or bike to do this job but there are plenty opportunities and very few other requirements if you do.

  • Mechanic

If you know your way around an engine and can tell your carburettor from your crank shaft, a part time job as a mechanic could be a great way to make some money. Even if your knowledge is lacking, you could sign up to a mechanics course and learn some useful lifelong skills that will help you to make some money in the short term too. Lots of mechanics’ workshops look for weekend support to help them over the busy days and you could also earn some cash by helping your friends with their car problems too.

  • University Jobs

You may not have to look very far to find the perfect part-time job. There are often plenty of opportunities to find within the university itself. And where better to find employment where your boss understands the demands of a college course? Library assistant, college shop assistant, dorm receptionist or campus tour guide are just some of the possibilities.

  • Dog Walker

Depending on the structure of your course you may have some free periods during the daytime. If this is the case and you love dogs, consider setting yourself up as a dog walker. Many people who work full time hire people to walk their dogs during the day. With a few dog owner clients in the same area, you can walk a number of dogs at the same time and make a decent amount of cash.

  • Fitness Instructor

If you’re a self-proclaimed fitness fanatic, head to the local gym or the fitness centre on campus to find out about job opportunities. With a little training you could work as a lifeguard at the pool or even set up your own yoga, Zumba or aerobics class.

There are plenty of jobs out there just perfect for college students. Look on campus message boards, drop your CV round the local neighbourhood and search online to find the right role for you.


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