7 Helpful Tips to Write like a Professional

It takes time an effort for one to develop their writing skills. To become a successful professional writer, you need to be able to stay on the message. Also, the ability to meet your deadlines will prove valuable.

While we may refer to some people as talented writers, even a novice can work their way up the chain to become exemplary writers. It’s not in what may come naturally to them, but the dedication to be better. That’s what makes a recommendation letter writing service to be excellent in what they do.

Here are some tips to make content writing less of a daunting task for you:

1. Do Research

Including data in your writing, gives it more credibility. If you also use a story in the material, it will become more memorable and persuasive. Therefore, before you write, look for research that relates to your topic of interest.

It could be in the form of quotes, statistics, definitions or any other resource. It will help you in breaking down the text and keep the reader interested in your content.

2. Shorten your sentences

Having a few long sentences in a document is okay. However, you should give your choice of wording, some serious thought. Let your sentences act like building blocks, as the story develops in the article.

A typical sentence, needs a noun, verb and sometimes an object. Therefore, dividing the long sentences in the piece will help you produce an excellent letter of recommendation.

3. Practice

Reading through other people’s articles will help you identify the common mistakes that people make. Take note of these errors and try to avoid them as you write. The more you write, the closer you get to, developing your writing style.

Keep fine-tuning and refining that style. That’s what every great artist does. Try writing small articles. It will help you in producing crisp copies.

4. Allow yourself to write badly

Most first drafts of any material are not impressive. Don’t beat yourself up for creating a substandard first draft. Rather than worrying about what and how to write it; just get started.

It’s the first step towards overcoming the hurdle of the blank page.

5. Add Value to the Reader

Have you ever gone through an article, and at the end wondered why you even wasted your time on it? It happens, and especially for those articles with click-bait headlines. Purpose to give value to your readers.

Motivate them to be something better. Give a unique insight into the topic. Add humour to the reader’s life. Your writing should be able to improve their lives, and yes, you can do it.

6. Remove Unnecessary Words

The process of writing often strains one’s memory. Sometimes you feel vulnerable as it takes away your mental energy. At the end of the first draft, you are excited of the progress made.

However, you can still improve the quality of your work by using fewer words to express an idea. Unnecessary words will only drain life from the material. If it sounds silly at first glance, it probably is.

7. Discard Clichés

When we speak and write, clichés tend to dominate our use of language. Thus, it may become difficult to get rid of them in writing. Often, they come first in mind when we want to express ourselves.

However, they render a piece ineffective, and the only way out is to avoid them.



You don’t need to have a natural talent for writing to be good at it. Time and practice will make you better. So, keep learning and polishing your skills; not just for the sake of your letter of recommendation residency.


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