5 Best Tech Jobs for Creatives

After completing your studies, attending the graduation ceremony in cap and gown, and receiving a degree that symbolizes your academic achievement, you’ll be a digital native in need of a job.

In case you’re not familiar with the term digital native, it refers to people who were born after digital technology reached a high penetration rate in society. That includes you and your peers.

As you can no doubt imagine, there are lots of different career paths you can take post-graduation, so it would be worth your while to first pursue a career assessment and test. Once you figure out the sorts of jobs that you’ll enjoy and excel at, you’ll be ready to learn about the best careers for digital natives. Who knows? One or more of them might be right up your alley.

Digital Strategist

digital strategist

Description: Digital strategists come up with digital solutions to solve business problems, and they rely on skills such as search engine optimization and strategy development. These professionals make use of research, analytics, and more to develop integrated strategies that unite digital, email, social, and mobile to achieve objectives. In order to thrive at this job, digital strategists must have the ability to comprehend the audience’s interests and online conduct as well as understand the brands they represent and key trends. In addition to developing strategies, digital strategists also routinely gauge results in order to tweak their strategies as required.

Pay: According to PayScale, digital strategists in the U.S. make an average of around $60,000 per year. However, digital strategists can make much more through bonuses and profit sharing.

Digital Media Planner / Buyer

impact of social media

Description: Digital media planners / buyers work with customers to strategize, buy, and traffic digital media. In order to succeed at this role, candidates need to supervise and lead campaigns from start to finish. As for day-to-day responsibilities, these professionals could, among other things, maintain media plans, stay on top of media opportunities, and remain up to date on industry standards.

Pay: The average salary of media planners / buyers in the U.S. is $44,435 annually, according to PayScale, which adds that the majority of people in this position transition into other employment opportunities after 10+ years on the job. The site adds that media planners / buyers can expect a substantial salary hike over the first five to 10 years in this role.

Social Media Manager

Description: Social media managers oversee their companies’ social media presence as well as interact with clients and suppliers to update social media sites and profiles. A thorough understanding of various social media platforms, as well as how best to utilize each, is also required. As well, these professionals should know Microsoft Office thoroughly so that they can expertly put together presentations, do word processing, and work with spreadsheets. Good leadership skills are important since social media managers must delegate and keep workers on the same page to accomplish social media goals by deadline.

Pay: According to PayScale, social media managers living in the U.S. make an average of about $46,000 annually. Factoring in things like commission, bonuses, and profit sharing can result in compensation of up to $72,000. The majority of people in this role say that they are very satisfied with their jobs, says PayScale.

Account Executive

Description: Account executives serve as the middlemen between advertising agencies and clients, and they have to excel at customer service. Specifically, they nurture relationships with agencies, work on video media strategies, assist with brand content initiatives, pitch proposals, meet with various teams at agencies, and lead the campaign process.

Pay: For account executives in the U.S., the median compensation works out to around $53,000 per year, according to PayScale. With salary, commission, bonuses, and profit sharing, account managers can potentially make up to $98,554 per year.

Web Content Specialist

Description: Web content specialists create content for e-newsletters, websites, and other forms of online communications. People in this role need to be familiar with all types of online content such as plain text, still images, database content, links, audio, animation, and video. Specific responsibilities include content management, content production or sourcing, and editorial policy creation.

Pay: Web content specialists can look forward to average annual wages of $45,000. That said, the amount can go up to $63,000 when factoring profit sharing and bonuses into the equation.

Final Words

If you’re a well-educated digital native, the sky is the limit on the jobs front. The best careers for digital natives, which include the five listed above, can lead to fulfilling and rewarding careers. So consider whether or not you could see yourself doing any of them for a living post-university.


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