10 Things to Undertake to Find Dream Job after Graduation

Are you a recent graduate looking for a job, and not any but your dream job? The job search process, if not done right can lead to frustration and giving up. You feel pressed for time to start depending on yourself but can’t seem to land any interviews.

Sometimes, you land interviews but not in areas that interest you. For some, they have no idea, which field they would like to pursue, even after getting expert low cost resume writing service. It can be devastating.

But, we’ve got you covered, here’s what to do to help you shape and start your career journey:

1. Pay a Visit to the Career Office

An experienced career advisor will guide you on what to expect in the job market. From preparing you for job interviews to critique your resume and advising you on the do’s and don’ts of a professional resume and cover letter writing service.

2. Find your Passion

It’s not healthy to stay in a job that you really don’t like. You can taste the waters as you try to find the ideal path for you. Volunteer or work part-time in fields that are of interest.

3. Develop your Resume and Cover Letter

If you don’t have one, then prepare it now. You can have primary copies that you will tweak to suit the positions you will be applying to. Ensure that there are no errors; otherwise, your efforts to send out your resume will turn futile.

4. Power in Networking

Don’t limit your connections to your classmates. Find people who are in your field of interest and reach out to them. Provide them with value and sometimes solution to the challenges they could be facing.

5. The importance of the process

Every stage of the recruitment process has a significant effect on whether or not you are selected for the next phase. Make every move count.

6. Explore Job sites

The jobs won’t come knocking at your doorstep unless you have a connection. Most of the time you will have to hunt for the opportunities. Visit the job sites that publish graduate or entry-level positions, e.g. CollegeGrad.com, Experience.Com, and more.

7. Research the Industry Trends

Watch out for trends in the industry of your choice. Most have cyclical hiring periods. You can do something else as you wait for the opportunities in the desired field to open up and get expert online resume service.

8. Listen

Active listening will help you find the right company and role that suits you. Contact current and previous employers of the company that appeals to you. Get to know what it feels like to work there.

9. Get an Internship

It doesn’t hurt to start from the bottom up. A good number of interns have been able to secure permanent positions in their places of internship. Send that internship application, now.

10. Stay proactive

You may not land an interview on the first position you apply for, and you may get hired in the end. But keep your spirits up and don’t lose motivation. Stay up to date with the new listings, you don’t want to miss that opportunity you have been eyeing.


Though unemployment rates are low, the competition for the open positions is high. Get your resume and cover letter ready, and do what is needed to land your dream job, using the above tips.


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