10 Alternative Careers For An Education Major

Being an education major holds more career opportunities than just being a teacher. For one reason or the other, you may decide to branch away from being a teacher and opt to join other jobs.

A change in career may make you edit resume to fit in a particular profession. Some of the career opportunities available to education majors include:

1. PR specialist

Having gained the skill to handle students, an education major will not find it difficult to act as a public relations specialist. They will be able to handle individuals of different temperaments.

2. Editor or writer

If you have a passion for writing, you could join book editing and writing. Having qualified with an education major, you will be well suited in publishing and printing of textbooks for students. You could also join writing services, like the cover letter writing service and resume editing services since you are well versed in the required writing formats and styles.

3. Guidance counsellor

Having attained an education major, you have skills and techniques on how to advise and counsel students. You can apply these skills in the guidance and counselling profession. You should be able to give direction to individuals who need guidance and counselling.

4. Childcare

Children could be quite a handful as is their nature. Handling children could prove to be hectic for an individual with no experience with kids. After acquiring a major in education, you will have the necessary teaching to handle children of different temperaments. For this reason, you could decide to join the childcare profession.

5. Education management

Having attained an education major, you could decide to abstain from teaching and join the management section of the school. There are a variety of options in the management system including, being the head teacher or the regional head of education.

6. Manager

Handling children of different ages requires a particular level of managerial skill. If you have this experience, then you will not find it very difficult to manage and handle individuals in an organisation, though you may need to take further management courses.

7. Museum instructor

If you have mastered many historical facts, this career will prove to be the perfect choice for you. As a museum instructor, you will enjoy the work you do. Furthermore, being a museum instructor will be like being a teacher away from class.

8. Adult education and mentoring

You could choose not to teach young kids and instead help in adult education. Since patience is a crucial element required in this career, the skills acquired as you majored in school will give you a boost. You will significantly feel the satisfaction of giving back to the community if you chose this career. Furthermore, you could be a mentor to other people.

9. Librarian

Being a librarian requires one to have excellent organisation and management skills. A teacher has both the skills. This job could as well be the best alternative for those wishing to switch careers. Though one might need to acquire further skills, an education major will find it quite easy to ease into this career.

10. Interpreter and translator

If you teach foreign languages, you could quickly become a translator. It could involve translating documents or live event translation. It could prove as an excellent well-paying alternative to teaching and tutoring.


Having an education major offers you a lot of different opportunities. You should not limit yourself to teaching alone.


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