5 Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out

We all have a hard time writing resumes for job applications. You can be the best writer out there, but still, be stuck on it for days. Just like with everything else, there are tips and tricks that can help your resume stand out. If you follow these 5 guidelines, the chances are that your resume will be a part of the ‘yes’ pile. 

Use Power Words

The language that you use is extremely important. These days everyone expects you to add some super-popular words that actually make you look super-amazing. There is this group of keywords that people these days are obsessed with. They will all only add to your skills and upgrade them. Some of the ones you want to pay attention to are initiated, managed, accomplished, developed, improved, team player and many more. These are definitely a part of the modern industry dictionary everyone has to know. There’s one thing you have to be very careful about. Don’t overdo it! Some applicants make the mistake of using all these words and get negative feedback. 

5 Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out

Use Numbers

Numbers are a huge part of making your resume stand out. It’s a strategy that actually puts the attention to a large number of your achievements. If you put everything in a simple paragraph, this part will look small and short. But, if you line the accomplishments with numbers, everyone will be able to see the long list. It is also smart to play with either Bold or Italics for the markings of the numbers.

Another way to show power and success is by including actual numbers of your previous work. Some of the questions you’ll want to answer are ‘How much did you sell in a certain time period’, ‘What do the savings on expenses show’, ‘Did the volume go up’. All of these questions should be supported by numbers. Explain more about the team, the budget, so that they have a general idea.

Make Sure Everything You Write Matches The Job Description

Every company is very specific when searching for employees. In the job description, they always include the skills that they are looking for. No one likes to read long pages of experiences that don’t even fit to the job that is available. Our most sincere advice is to include all the skills that are needed for the job. Even if you are not that good at some, you can put it into nice words, without avoiding them. When the people responsible for the applications go through yours, it will be immediately clear that you are a candidate who checks all of their boxes. Don’t forget about previous experiences, courses, licenses and more. This is a very simple but efficient tip on how to make your resume stand out.

5 Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out

Your Resume Is An Ad

What you’re actually trying to do is to advertise yourself. Look at the resume writing as a creation of an ad. Highlight all the good things about you, and always leave the bad behind. This shouldn’t be too obvious but done in a very tasteful way.

Emphasize Team Leading Skills

The past few years, the industry has been all about teamwork. All of their employees have to have a strong sense of belonging to a team and to work well with others. In your resume talk about your team leading skills. This will be a huge plus! Mention all of your experiences from previous jobs, and explain how you motivated and took care of your team.

5 Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out


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