These Beauty Standards From History are Weird AF

I previously wrote about “what the eff” deadly trends of the past (and future). There were so many it was difficult to decide which 5 I will include. So, I decided to make two! (yay)

I made you another list of some “what the eff” weird trends, but these weren’t so deadly as the previous ones. But they are still weird. AF.


Today, the perfect smile is a union of harmony between straight teeth and white teeth, right? Right.

Well, that wasn’t the case 500 years ago. During the Elizabethan era, people of England would purposely blacken or rot their teeth. It all began with the Queens’ servants and courtiers. In an effort to comfort and mimic the Queen, whose teeth have rotten, they used charcoal to blacken their teeth and it somehow blew into a huge trend in England.

Moreover, this has been a huge thing back in Japan for thousands of years. Married women often blackened their teeth permanently (and still do in some areas) as a symbol of beauty and devotion to their marriage. It was known as Ohaguro.

Good thing we don’t live in the 20th century. Just imagine the smell. Yuck.


Eyebrows on fleek was not a thing of the past. Not at all. Unlike today when we do everything to get our eye make-up to look the best, in the Victorian era, the sexiest part of a woman’s body was considered to be none other than – the forehead! I know, what’s there to it?

Apparently, in an effort to make their foreheads more striking, women used to remove their whole eyelashes and even their eyebrows. If someone was to do that today, the term used would definitely NOT be beautiful or sexy.


Comfort is everything today. At least for me. I like my baggy sweatpants and comfortable sweaters, honestly.

So it blows my mind to see this trend of the past where women intentionally tied a rope above their ankles to confine their legs and force them to take tiny steps.

It was a way of showing “modesty”. Showing uncomfortableness, you mean.


Now, here’s a trend from the past we can get back. In the Chinese Tand Dynasty, the things that made a woman more beautiful were round faces, wide foreheads, and big cheeks. See, skinny girls with sharp jawlines weren’t always the “it” girls.


Today we have DIY, then, they had BYS (Beat YourSelf). However weird it might sound, during the Victorian era, makeup was something gravely limited or non-existent due to a ban from the Queen.

So, before meeting their suitors, girls had to experiment and find a way to look more prominent to them. So, they bit their lips and pinch their cheeks to achieve the rosy glow. 

I guess that’s where the saying “beauty is pain” came from.

There are a lot more weird trends from the past, but I had to tighten the choice to only 5. Tho, I will cover some other pretty weird and dangerous trends in a new post.

So, weird trends don’t always come from the haute couture catwalks. It has been something that has always existed and will exist in the future. I wonder what will teenagers of the year 2350 think about fashion trends of today?


What do you think?

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