You Must Be This Old To Botox?

Botox has become a commonplace thing in our society today. Cosmetic surgery, in general, has grown in popularity over the last several years; although, the procedures have been around for much longer. For example, anti-wrinkle injections have been safely used in our society for more than twenty years now, according to Cosmos Clinic Canberra, experts in the field of Botox.

Cosmetic surgeries among celebrities have made the idea of getting a procedure done much more popular. Now, millions upon millions of people are getting cosmetic surgery every year. As the number of people getting procedures done increases, the age of those people decreases, and there is plenty of controversy surrounding that fact.

In 2010, the youngest person to receive Botox injections was the daughter of the “Human Barbie.” The girl’s name is Hannah Burge, and she received her first Botox injection at the age of 15 from her own mother. Although 15 years old may seem young, this record was beaten in 2011 by a mother who gave Botox injections to her eight-year-old daughter in California. While these may not be the most common ages of those getting Botox injections, it does still raise the question: how old should you be before you get Botox?

This issue is more common for people in their twenties who are looking to get Botox injections. Is that too young to be getting this kind of cosmetic surgery? Would it even help at that age? In fact, could Botox injections do more harm than good if done too early? These questions have been asked by many scientists and patients alike, and the answers are still inconclusive. Some experts support preventative treatments, while others say that starting too early could actually make you look older in the long run.

Those experts who believe in preventative pre-wrinkle treatment compare the treatment to constant upkeep on an expensive car. By taking your vehicle to the shop often, you’ll be able to keep it in the best shape for as long as possible. The idea that these experts support is that doing the same for your skin, by doing a little bit at a time, would accomplish the same thing.

On the other hand, experts who oppose this theory say that getting Botox injections too soon could actually make things worse over time. The act of paralyzing your muscles in the brows and around the eyes will cause them to atrophy as time passes. Atrophy is the medical term that describes what happens to a muscle when it is underused; this is similar to what might happen to your leg after being in a cast for months.

If you are in your early- or mid-twenties and are considering getting Botox injections, it may be better to do some research first. In the end, it is your decision whether or not you’d like to get the injection. After all, the same experts who oppose early injections have also said they might consider early injections for those who have early signs of a “hyper-mobile” face. Even then, however, they still suggest the earliest age in these cases to be 28 years old.

Generally speaking, Botox injections are intended to remove wrinkles that have already appeared on your face. With that said, it may be best to wait until these lines show p to consider getting an injection. Early, preventative injections could actually just make things worse in the long run. Either way, it’s your decision, but you should make this decision after doing plenty of research and speaking with your doctor at length. It’s possible that a good skin-care routine could do the same thing as preventative Botox injections.


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