Marc Jacobs Kate Le Marc Lip Crème Review



Marc Jacobs Kate Le Marc Lip Creme ($30.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a medium-dark, rosy mauve with subtle, cool undertones and satin finish. It was richly pigmented with a creamy, smooth consistency that wasn’t too slippery nor was it too dry in the tube, so it glided on without tugging and delivered even coverage. The texture sat well on my lips and seemed to smooth out some of the texture on my lips. The lipstick was comfortable to wear and felt non-drying throughout the time it lasted (which was seven hours).

The formula is described as “highly pigmented” with “10-hour” wear and is “hydrating.” If you like creamy, satin-like color that’s very pigmented and comfortable to wear but aren’t going to hold the brand to its 10-hour wear time claim, the formula is well worth checking out! My experience with most shades has been the wear has been between four and eight hours, and they have been comfortable to wear with a few shades that can feel a bit drying toward the end of wear. There is a faint, floral scent but no discernible taste.

  • Tarte Perf (LE, $20.00) is darker, less glossy (95% similar).
  • MAC Amorous (P, $17.00) is lighter (90% similar).
  • Makeup Geek Marriage Material (P, $12.00) is darker, less glossy (90% similar).
  • Maybelline Mauve It (P, $7.49) is darker, more muted, less glossy (90% similar).
  • MAC Private Party (LE, $17.00) is brighter (90% similar).
  • Makeup Geek Shy (P, $15.00) is lighter, warmer (85% similar).
  • Charlotte Tilbury Secret Salma (P, $32.00) is lighter, warmer (85% similar).
  • Urban Decay Nonsense (LE, $17.00) is darker (85% similar).
  • Laura Mercier Sophia (LE, $28.00) is warmer, less glossy (85% similar).
  • Urban Decay Rapture (P, $17.00) is warmer, glossier (85% similar).
Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Lip Crème Kate

Marc Jacobs Beauty Kate $30.00/0.12


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