Got Razor Bumps On Legs? Try This Method

Ladies, we all shave our legs. Unless we’re lazy and just let it be for like a couple of days. But when you do, you might get this thing called razor bumps. And they’re so annoying and ugly. Then you just put on pants and forget they are there.

Well that’s not fair. You want to show off those pretty legs of yours. But the razor bumps act like they’re in control. There is a way though, that you can keep them from coming back after a shower.

Step 1: Use Cold Water To Rinse

After you shave your legs, it is best to rinse them off using cold water. The cold water will actually tighten your skin. You will notice your legs don’t burn after you use cold water, whereas, hot or warm water will cause them to burn. Most of you like cold showers so this won’t be a problem.

Step 2: Pat Your Legs Dry

Okay, after you rinsed your legs off and get out of the shower, you need to pat your legs dry. This will go hand in hand with the next step.

Step 3: Moisturizer

The last step is easy. Just apply lotion. When you pat your legs dry and then add lotion, there is still a little water on your skin and it blends with the lotion on your skin. Oh, and a tip, don’t use scented or else your skin will burn. Use non scented lotion.


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