5 Beauty Hacks That I Love

I am going to be sharing with you all 5 beauty hacks that I love oh so much. These are beauty hacks that work for me and they may not work for all people. I am going to share them with you all and hopefully they are beneficial to you.

Lets get to it!

Beauty Hack #1 I use tape when I apply my eyeshadow to achieve a really precise finish/even line for my looks. It also helps with doing a winged eyeliner look as well.

Beauty Hack #2 I dampen my beauty blender a little so that it does not absorb all of the foundation while I am applying it to my face. I find that it helps the foundation to look smoother and even when I do it that way.

Beauty Hack #3 I spritz my eyeshadow brushes with setting spray to give some of my eyeshadows that aren’t as pigmented as I would like a boost. This aids in helping the eyeshadow stand out more and pop.

Beauty Hack #4 After I apply concealer or and eyeshadow primer to my lids I always go back over it with setting powder so that it does not crease. It also helps my eyeshadow stay on much longer than just having eyeshadow primer on alone.

Beauty Hack #5 Milk of Magnesia acts a facial primer when I am out of my actual makeup face primer. It offers the same benefits as a name brand facial primer. I do not recommend using this every time though, only when you are out of your actual primer.

I hope that these beauty hacks help any one of you out in some way! Give them a try and you just might like it!

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