What is Manga and How Do You Find It?

Most people know what Anime is, it’s Japanese Animation that can be either a television series or it can be movies.  Naturally, those in Japan are interested in this genre, both men and woman.  Those based in the United States like it too.  What if you’re looking for something that you can actually read though, like American comic books and graphic novels?  If you are looking for that in the Japanese style you are looking for Manga.

Finding Magna at a Library

Trying to find literature from a foreign country can be a daunting task.  One teenage girl in the USA tried to find Manga by going into a library.  Fortunately, the librarian knew what Manga was and took her to the graphic novel section.  There wasn’t much.  There was a book entitled “Magna,” but the girl wanted the style, not the title.  What else could the girl have done to find what she was looking for?

By far, the easiest way to find out what’s out there is to get friends recommendations.  Not all of us have friends that are interested in the genre, so we must take other steps to find what we are looking for.  If you are interested in looking for Japanese comics, you are probably already interested in Anime and have probably watched some movies or TV series.  Chances are, they already are based on Manga or a Manga is already based on them.  If you decide to go to a library, try searching for the title of your favorite series instead of just the genre in general.  Keep in mind that the title will be on the back of the book, since the Japanese read and write what those in the USA consider backwards.

Popular Manga Series on TV

If you don’t know of a title of your favorite Anime, you can find some information on the internet.  One of the most popular Magna’s in Japan and in America is a series called “One Piece.”  The library did not have this for the girl, but unlike much of the other Anime out there it would have been appropriate for her age.  Making sure something is not too violently graphic or sexually explicit is hard to do when searching for Anime or Manga.  For a younger audience, there are some cartoons on TV that are written and based on Magna.

Nickelodeon Is obviously for kids and there are a couple of series related to Manga on this station.  One of these is “Dragon Ball Z”.  “Dragon Ball Z” is about a boy searching for objects called Dragon Balls before his enemies do.  Once gathered these balls will conjure a wish fulfilling dragon.  Another popular show on Nickelodeon is “Pokémon”.  It is about a boy who needs to defend his land by capturing creatures and using them fight other dangerous creatures called Pokémon.  Once the fight is won the defeated Pokémon begins to follow the boy and will fight for him.  Knowing what’s on TV can help in the search for a Magna comic.

Magna for the Mature

Many people interested in Magna are older and are fine with finding more explicit material.  One series that is recommended for those with a more open mind is “Strawberry Panic”.  It’s about girls and their racy relationships while they are at a Catholic boarding school.  Another Anime that is based on a Magna is “Kannazuki no Miko”.  This one also has racy relationships and some violence.  It’s about two girls who fight an ancient enemy, the Orochi.  If the Magna seeker is old enough, internet research doesn’t need to be as closely monitored.

To Sum It Up

Manga is a form of Japanese comic.  It can be found by looking in a library, by getting recommendations from friends, by knowing what’s on television, and by doing an internet search.  Keep in mind the age of the audience you are looking for.  Also, since Magna is a form of a comic it can probably be found at your favorite comic book store. Magna is a highly recommended form of entertainment.


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