Voice Actor Vic Mignogna fired from RWBY and Rooster Teeth.

He voiced the charter of Qrow in the series.

Voice actor Vic Mignogna has been terminated from the online show RWBY and from its parent company, Rooster Teeth, immediately after a number of people have brought up accusations of bad behavior to both fellow voice actors as well as fans over the years.

Vic is known as a voice actor in several animated series including Japanese anime shows including Full Metal Alchemist, Ouran High School Host Club, and the main character of Broly in DragonBall Super: Broly that is currently in theaters, plus many more roles in animated shows over the years.

The allegations against Vic are not entirely new ones either. It was said for years about his bad behavior against fellow voice actors and even fans at events but many times those stories were kept under wraps by those in the industry for fear of not getting any other work. However, numerous fan-related incidents have been told of from those attending conventions and other get-togethers. It has been said that not only was he violating people’s personal space (stories include unwanted touching amongst other things) but also being very judgemental of cosplayers based on his own religious beliefs.


Stories from many people got more attention recently and now the company Rooster Teeth, known for producing the CGI animated hit RWBY has taken the step of removing Vic from its team effective immediately. He played the voice of Qrow Branwen, the uncle of the main character Ruby Rose on the show. As of yet, there has been no announcement of a replacement of Mignogna for the show going forward.


Vic has also canceled much of his convention appearances for the rest of the year as well. Of the 18 conventions he was scheduled to appear at this year, he has canceled all but five of them as of now and many of those are still up in the air. He did appear in Bakersfield, California at the Bak-Anime convention where a video was filmed giving a tearful apology of what was going on. However, the video was met by a lot of people who did not share the same opinion.

Vic has not faced any criminal charges as of yet and it will be interesting to see if he ever does. He has been accused of some bad behavior over the years so it will have to seen (and proven in a court of law) if anything he is accused of doing violated the law. Many of us will have to see if this plays out any further and if anything else will come of it. As is stands now, he is losing voice acting jobs and if stories of his behavior are true, I can’t think of any voice acting directors who would want to hire him anyway.


On a personal note, I have not met Vic Mignogna or attended a convention he was a guest at. However, I have been to conventions where the topic of Vic and some of the things he does has been brought up for years by members of the voice acting community. I am not in a place to say whether allegations of his behavior are true or not, but I am inclined to believe the ones that are saying these things. I have heard nothing about him doing anything illegal but I also have not heard all the stories either. If any of these stories are found to be true then it is time that this behavior comes to an end. Members of the voice acting community and fans of animation from around the world are spared things like these from going on. Whether they are “allowed” to happen or not. Anime fandoms can be a very tightly knit group so word of such things tend to travel fast.

We will have to wait and see if this story develops any further.

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