The Webcomic that goes great with a Beer.

A web comic with a cold one!

Seems like a dream job. To go around the world and review Beer for a living. Not only that, but your reviews are not written out for some plain article, or even done for a web show on Youtube, these reviews are sketched out and published in a webcomic.

That is exactly what is going on with the series “Pints and Panels.

The artist behind this is Em Sauter. She is an MFA graduate of cartooning from the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont. She had produced comics of her beer travels since 2010. She is also an Advanced Cicerone (A Beer expert for us normal people) and a BJCP Certified Judge. She knows her beer too, so she is an authority on the subject and the perfect person to write a comic on beers from around the world.

But don’t get things wrong. She doesn’t go around and slam down beers and get drunk off her ass. She wouldn’t be a very good reviewer of beers if she was too drunk to give a proper review. She gives details of the kinds of beer she is drinking and where it is from, along with the actual flavor and taste of the beer itself.

What makes this comic different is that it isn’t anything else than her reviews. There is no fictional story to keep track of or numerous other characters to keep attention to with their own backstories. It is not that kind of webcomic. If anything, it is more about real life than anything. She’s not trying to stop world destruction or find some secret to a 25-year-old tv show or anything like that. Her comics are mostly just beer. She talks quickly about it in 6 comic panels and that is it. It doesn’t have to be much more than that,

Her art style is very much her own. This isn’t the type of comic art you may find in a Marvel or DC comic. It isn’t a highly detailed type of art you would find in a Japanese Anime either. Usually, her comics are herself sitting at a table or a bar and drinking a beer. The actual person she draws (most like herself I would guess) has a look to it that reminds me of that old 90’s style, “Squigglevision” only since this a comic and not a cartoon, there is no actual Squiggling going on. If you could compare it, it goes right along with animated shows like Home Movies by Brandon Smalls or Dr. Katz Professional Therapist just without the odd movements and jumps to keep your attention and distract you while you are trying to pay attention to what is going on.

And although she is based in the Northeast of the United States, she really does travel around and more importantly gets a taste of beer from all over the world. She calls Connecticut her home but Em has been around to most of the country and has been to a lot of places outside the United States as well. She is currently preparing for a trip to Belgium as of this writing so who knows where else she may end up. She is kinda like Carmen Sandiego only she gives expert beer reviews instead of stealing stuff.

If you want to check out her work. You can find it at her website Pints and Panels, she is also found on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and she also has a book out of a collection of her comics.

So no matter how you find Pints and Panels, Join Em Sauter to curl up with a cold one and enjoy!

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