How Video Games Can Be Anime Like Final Fantasy and Xenosaga

The search for good anime can be tough.  A good way to find anime is to look at popular video games and see if that video game has become animated.  Sometimes you’ll find live action movies instead of animation, like in the case of Mortal Kombat, but sometimes you’ll find an animated series.  Two video’s games, Final Fantasy and Xenosaga, have become anime.

The Final Fantasy Video Game and Anime

Final Fantasy is perhaps one of the most popular video games out there, originally made in 1987.  This was originally made for the Nintendo NES.  There are 15 Final Fantasy games out as of 2016.  They are available on many platforms; for example, the first three games became available on nearly all the PlayStations, the PC, the Xbox, and even more; which you can see on Wikipidea, (Final Fantasy,  There are many games with many different stories set in fantasy lands.  There was a movie based on the game called “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within” which became a flop.  Later, in North America in 2005 “Final Fantasy: Unlimited” became an animated series available in a Complete Box Set for DVD.  All the games are based on different stories, and the anime follows its’ own story line.  It’s about two pre-teens who travel to the dimension Wonderland in order to find their parents.  Like most of the games, there is a maniacal person trying to rule the world and must be stopped, (Final Fantasy: Unlimited,  There are always many good characters and many bad ones in the games. I have not seen this animation myself, but after playing Final Fantasy VI on the X-Box, I decided to do some research and see how much I could find on the Final Fantasy World and was pleased to know that this anime is out there.

The Xenosaga Anime and Video Game

I have seen the Xenosaga Anime yet have not played the game.  Learning that it was based on a video game helped me realized I could find other anime that way. I have been able to see parts of the game being played. The video came out in 2002 and it initially was for the PlayStation 2.  It is also on the Mobile and Nintendo DS (Xenosaga, Xenosaga: The Animation is a science fiction story set 4000 years in the future.  Its’ original run was in 2005 and is 12 episodes long (Xenosaga: The Animation,  In the animation there are a group of good guys having to face the Gnosis and eventually a deranged “man,” (a lot of characters are AI, artificial intelligence,) bent on destruction.  The Animation is only for the first game, (there are 3,) and does not continue.  It is good and mostly complete in itself.  In the game, you are also fighting the Gnosis and that bad guy.  Xenosaga the game and the Animation both end the same.  This RPG game also has the protagonists fighting the Gnosis and the bad guy.  While much of the game and animation are very similar, I’ve been told that the Animation cuts a lot out and you need to play the games to get the whole story.  

Final Fantasy and Xenosaga prove that good animations can be found from video games.  In order to find more games that have been turned into animations you can go to “List of anime based on Video games,” at  Even if you are not into video games it is still a good list to see what anime is out there.


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