Dragonball Live Tour Announced for the United States and Canada


Dragon Ball Tour in North America 2018

A Dragon Ball event, the greatest of all time, is coming to the United States and Canada. Consisting of 7 stops, starting from San Diego!! Expect exclusive items and a one-of-a-kind experiences! https://www.db-tour.com/ —————————————-­————- チャンネル登録すると映像の更新やキャンペーンのお知らせが届きます!>>> http://goo.gl/Vl3AR —————————————-­————-

As soon as the Dragonball Super show ended it’s run, Bandai has begun streaming a video announcing a mysterious Dragonball live tour that will stop at 7 cities in the United States and Canada beginning with a stop in San Diego in July. Later appearances have yet to be announced but it was promised they will be soon on the official site.

Besides Toei Animation who helped produced the various incarnations of the popular anime series, Toys and Minature maker Tamashii Nations has also been attached to this project as well. Giveaways and exclusive have been announced, but not a whole lot else. Hopefully, more details of what exactly is going to happen on this tour will be revealed before the first show later this summer.

It is heavily rumored this may also tie into the Dragonball Super theatrical movie that is expected in Japan on December 14th. Although the film takes place after the Super series has ended, it is said to reveal much about the alien Saiyan race and where do they get their power. The film is being written by Akira Toriyama himself. He is quoted as saying: “This Dragon Ball Super film is the next story after the currently airing television anime. The story takes place after the climax of the Tournament of Power, where the fate of the universe was at stake, and the short rest that follows. It will give a few previously unwritten details about the Saiyans and Frieza, as well as a long-awaited strong opponent to overcome, and I think it will be an enjoyable story!

From 2013’s Battle of Gods and the last film Resurrection ‘F’ to the current film, I’ve been carefully writing, and I’ve had the pleasure of drawing lots of designs and the like. I’m actually as busy as ever, but while I don’t have to serialize anything I have time to think about the anime, which used to be out of my hands. (laughs) So please look forward to it!

By the way, the television anime is over for now, but Toyotarō’s popular manga (five volumes out now!) is continuing. I think it will have different developments from the television anime and film, so please look forward to it. I certainly will!”

Although it does seem odd to be promoting the movie that comes out in Japan in a tour of the United States and Canada, with the lack of details being said of this tour there very well be other surprises announced. It is not known yet if any of the English dubbed cast or crew are involved in this tour either. Dragonball Super was being simulcast with English subtitles for FunimationNow, Crunchyroll, and other sites while the English dubbed episodes were shown on Adult Swim for  Cartoon Network. So there is obviously an English speaking fandom for the Dragonball series as well.

The mega series premiered for English speaking audiences back with the Dragonball Z series in syndication back in the 90s, it really gained traction with Dragonball Z being shown on Cartoon Network’s anime-themed Toonami block back in 1998 where it gained massive ratings for its timeslot. Cartoon Network later carried the original Dragonball Series, the ill-fated Dragonball GT, as well as the redubbed version of Dragonball Z in Dragonball Kai, and finally the latest series Dragonball Super. At this point, it has not been announced if they will be part of the tour either.


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