A Real Woman Can Be a Superhero Too

Recently there has been a push to stop sexism and to celebrate females.  Especially females in the men’s world.  Many women and girls like things that are considered boy or man things.  One of these things is Comic Books and Conventions like Comin-Con.  It has been a running joke that woman disdain the comic book world.  On TV you might see a skit where a group of guys are playing comic book games and a woman joins in and the guys nearly faint because they have never been with a woman interested in this topic before.  In reality, many women find the fantasy world to be great fun and want to join in.  If a woman wants to join in these games, what female character can she pretend to be?  There are a lot of great ones out there.  Anime is filled with stories where the female is the main hero, so we’ll by bass that subject and go to the general comic book superheroes like “Superman”.

Wonder Woman

The female most like the superhero Superman is Wonder Woman from DC comics.  She has been ridiculed for being a sex symbol like most female comics are.  It should be taken into consideration however that the men of the comic book world are sex symbols too, having super hero qualities that a woman might find attractive once they get their powers.  Superman is found to be a very handsome man.  There is nothing wrong with being a strong woman, like Wonder Woman, even though she is a little curvaceous.  The great thing about her is that her desire, like most super hero’s desire, is to make the world a better place.  She does this with her lasso of truth, and super human strength, and resilience in a fight.  In fact, she is a Goddess.  Celebrating God like powers in a woman is a step towards ending sexism in a man’s world.


Another great female with Godlike powers is Jean Grey from Marvel’s X-men.  One great thing about Jean Grey is that she is not excessively curvaceous.  She’s still beautiful and has men fighting over her for romantic interest, but this makes her character even more appealing.  Often the men superheroes are fighting for their romantic interest to pay attention to them.  It’s great to see from characters like Jean Grey that super women are so wonderful that they don’t need to fight for the love they deserve.  X-Men celebrates both men and woman as mutants, so if a woman in todays society wants to dress up as a female comic book character they have a lot to choose from in this comic.  Storm is another popular X-Men that has Godlike powers, being able to call down lightening and storms on her whim.  The X-Men list of female superheroes is an extensive one and too long to list here.


Mantis is a female character that really shines in the film series “Guardians of the Galaxy”.  She is said to be derived from all kinds of different comics, and there are many female characters that have a similar look or superpowers.  She is considered beautiful to some and ugly to others like a woman in the real world would be.  Mostly this is because she is green, unlike a woman in the real world, but it’s still nice to see a female character that isn’t necessarily perfect.  In “Guardians of the Galaxy,” Mantis has mind powers in which she uses to keep the group together.  Mantis is truly a Comic Book Hero that uses the powers of the mind, so there are female characters in the Comic Book World that are loved for more than just their bodies.  

Some of the best comic book characters are woman.  Many times men are so impressed with them, that they want to pretend to be them.  There was one boy who loved to play X-Men and he always wanted to be the female character Storm.  He was not impressed with her comic book beauty, but with her Superhuman powers and personality.  Some of the Best Woman Superheroes are Wonder Woman, Jean Grey, Storm, and Mantis.  These characters show the strength of real woman and are a step in the right direction to ending the myth that the man is the better sex.


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