5 Lesser Known Comic Characters Stan Lee Helped Create

Not all of them were headliners, but still part of his story.

King of Comics

On November 12th, 2018 one of the most prominent member of the comic book world passed away when Stan Lee died at age 95. Lee had been a lot of things in the world of comic books over the decades including being a writer, an editor, and publisher. He is a name that is credited with creating some of the biggest names in comics including the X-men and Spider-Man, plus numerous others.

With so many characters and comic titles credited to Stan over the decades, there are a few he also helped create that fans either do not talk about or ones that he himself didn’t give attention when going over the things he had done. So here is a look at five lesser known character that Stan had credit in helping create in his long history in the comics industry.



Stan's first comic creation

A Wolrd War II era hero that appeared in Timely Comics, the predecessor to Marvel. Before he went on to bigger things, This is credited as Stan Lee’s first comics creation. Destroyer first appeared in 1941 and was popular in its day. The hero operated in an Occupied Europe and he didn’t have any special powers other than being in “peak physical condition” but for it’s day it did well. The title didn’t last but the name has been reused several times since the Golen Era.

Happy Hogan

Happy Hogan

A character that started in 1963. Happy is often shown as a supporting character in the Iron Man Universe. He is a failed boxer who Tony Stark hired as a chauffeur and lackey when Happy saves Stark’s life. The character has appeared in Iron Man stories since then, and even in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Iron Man movies where he was played by Jon Favreau, the director of the first two Iron Man movies.

Junior Juniper


First created in 1963 as a member of the Howling Commandos, which is Nick Fury’s military unit and serving in World War II. Junior is shown to be attending college at the time of the war. He originally was a member of the Air Force before being transferred to the Howling Commandos. Junior, unfortunately, is credited with being the first Marvel comics character to actually die. The death not only shocked comics fans at the time but also served as a big plot point in Nick Fury’s story.

Asbestos Man

Asbestos Man

A supervillain created in 1963 who is a chemist. He uses he smarts in Chemistry to create a flame resistant suit and defeats the Human Torch in a duel. He created materials to escape authorities and steal from banks.  Years later, in 2011, it is found that the asbestos in his suit made him sick with cancer and was living in an oxygen tank. It is later revealed that he had died off-screen from cancer.



Created in 1978 to be a replacement for the Human Torch in a Television version of the Fantastic Four. The property was picked up for TV, but the Human Torch/Johnny Storm character was being licensed for his own movie (that didn’t get made). So a replacement was made in a robot that gained “powers” from the space radiation that created the Fantastic Four themselves. The robot was used in comics but was never popular. It is often used as a joke since then and usually viewed as just a bad idea.

Stan Lee had a major influence on the comic world and had a big hand in the creation of a lot of characters during that time. Not all of them became big name comic properties like the X-men and the Fantastic Four, but are still ones he helped bring to life during his time. They may not be the first thing that comes to mind in looking at what he has helped create, but they are still a part of his story. A story worth reading up on.

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