Ways Cats Are Just as Loving as Dogs

When compared to dogs and love, cats have a bad reputation.  Let’s face it, cats have been stereotyped.  They are said to be aloof and they have been said to treat their owners more like staff then owners or companions.  Of course, this is true for many cats, but the truth is that stereotyping cats is just unfair.  Our feline friends can be just that, friends.  Even best friends.

Cats Greet and Wait

A dog lover (which is not a bad person) will tell you that their dog greets them at the door and ask if your cat does that, thinking you will answer in the negative.  Fortunately for the people on the feline side, many cat owners can see that their cat does indeed greet them at the door.  Perhaps the cat is not at the door, but cat’s often sit on windowsills.  They look out for their people when they are not home.  One lady came home from the hospital with her cats faces pressed against the window waiting for her.

Cats Try to Protect

When a cat sits at a window when a person is home, the fury creatures could be said to be protecting the house.  Small felines may not be as good as dogs as protectors, but they still want to take care of their families.  Cats have been known to go after other people or animals who act aggressively to the people they love.  They use their claws and teeth to fight the perpetrator off.

Cats Give Presents

Another thing that cats use their teeth and claws for is hunting.  Often a cat will drop off a mouse as a “present” to a family.  This is another sign of their love.  It has been said that cats bring their kills to the family is because they are trying to show people how to hunt.  They wouldn’t be trying to teach us these skills if they didn’t love us.

Cats Show Compassion

Cat’s really show they care about people.  When someone they love is sad or sick they will jump on that person and cuddle with them.  That is obviously compassion.  They also show how they care by helping to wake up people in the morning, either by meowing at them or jumping on them.  How could this morning greeting not be seen as love?

Cat’s are said not to be as loving as dogs and aloof because they don’t always come when they are called. Many cats do come when called, and if not, they will look around and perk their ears up when they hear their name.  Much of the time a cat will actually come to “here kitty, kitty” or a clicking noise.  When being ignored by a cat, the cat could possibly be giving their human love by refusing to crowd the human and being too clingy.

Cats Kiss and Want Attention

There are many ways dogs show love in which a cat shows love too. For example, dogs give slobbery kisses. While a cat’s kisses aren’t as wet, they rub up against the people they love, often with their face.  A dog also shows love by wagging it’s tail.  A happy cat will put it’s tail up in the air to show it’s pleasure and often does this when getting attention from their loving companions.  A dog might sit on the person, showing love, while that person is doing exercises on a floor.  A cat will sit on newspapers or books while a person tries to read, asking for love and attention from that person.

Dogs and even cats love attention by playing with owners.  While a dog plays fetch, many cats also chase after balls of their size.  Most of the time they don’t bring it back, but it has been known to happen.  A dangling string is another thing a cat plays with, feeling pleasure that it is interacting with people. 

Noises a Cat Makes to Show Love

A dog’s panting is considered pleasure, and this is a sign that they are happy receiving love from it’s owners.  Cats show their pleasure in similar ways.  They will “talk” to their humans when they are meowed at.  When meowed at, they meow back.  Another noise cats make to show pleasure is a purr.  This is something a dog can’t do.  It has been said that purring doesn’t necessarily mean happiness or love, but since cats purr most often when they are happy, the argument that this is a sign of showing love is valid.

There are a surprising number of ways cats show their love.  They greet people at the door, wait for owners at the window, they try to protect, work on teaching humans things, show compassion when a human is sick or feeling blue, play with humans, talk back to humans when they are talked at, and show their greatest love by purring.  It is a long list the way a cat shows love, and proof they can be just of much as a “best friend” as a dog can be

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