The Weekly News Round Up for October 26

A person found a litter of WHAT to keep in the office?

It is Friday once again Nacho Readers so here is a round up of news stories found around the internet. Halloween is coming up quickly so don’t pig out on candy too much *reaches into a bag of Kitkats* remember those are meant for kiddies in Costume and trick of treaters *grabs more Kitkats*


Suspicious packages sent to Time Warner Center, Clinton and Obama: Live updates

What we’re covering here What we’re covering here Suspicious packages: Potential explosive devices were mailed to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, liberal billionaire George Soros, former CIA director John Brennan and Former Attorney General Eric Holder over the past few days.

CNN has a look at a scary story that was written about here as MORE mail/pipe bombs have been sent out to different people. I’m not going on a political rant here, but I just hope this comes to an end and whoever is sending these out is caught and prosecuted.


The Official Site of Major League Baseball

Coverage includes audio and video clips, interviews, statistics, schedules and exclusive stories.

It is World Series Time as the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers go out in the biggest baseball series of the year. Not a huge baseball fan but being in New England and at an age to remember Tommy Lasorda in the manager position, it still kinda clicks a little with me.


A city in China wants to launch an ‘artificial moon’ into space

It might sound like a plot cooked up by a cartoon villain, but a city in southwestern China is aiming to launch into space an artificial moon that could replace streetlights by bathing the ground in a “dusk-like glow.” City officials in Chengdu said they plan to launch the so-called illumination satellite in 2020, the Chinese news site People’s Daily reported.

NBC News has an article about the supposed plans coming out of China to create an artificial Moon that would act as a night light and brighten up the sky at night. Usually, stories like this are missing some details and sound a lot more fanciful then they are, but still. I’m not for making the nighttime brighter though. If that is really an issue, turn on a Flashlight?


Lavender really does help you relax, scientists reveal

The famous relaxing effects of lavender are real and could even be used medically to treat anxiety, new research suggests. From blooming gardens to aromatherapy oils and bubble baths, people have long claimed that lavender has calming and relaxing benefits. And now, scientists have confirmed that the smell of the purple plant really does help people unwind.

Independent has a story about how scientists have found that the smell of Lavender really does have a relaxing effect on the human mind. It is said that it does such a good job of calming people down that ideas are being hatched for using Lavender on people going into surgeries and those who a suffering from Anxiety Issues. I’m all for this! Lavender is a good scent to invade your nose so it would be awesome if it did have some concrete effects!


On Halloween, Modern Family grieves when a death shocks the family

When, earlier this year, Modern Family’s showrunners and producers mentioned that a major death would come this season, most speculation centered on Jay. He’s the oldest in the family, and his death would certainly give the show a lot of different stories to tell.

AV Club has news coming out of TV and the big plot development in the series Modern Family. I’m not going to spoil the who, but it has been said for a while that the producers of the show were planning the end of one of the characters and in a Halloween themed Episode, They did. This story comes with a SPOILER WARNING if you watch the series but do not know yet.


McDonald’s is debuting a new $6 meal deal that represents one of the chain’s ‘most aggressive’ weapons in the battle for budget shoppers yet

McDonald’s is debuting the $6 Classic Meal Deal on November 1, McDonald’s executives confirmed to Business Insider. For $6, customers can buy one entrée, a small fry, a drink or sweet tea of any size, and an apple or seasonal pie.

Business Insider has a look at McDonald’s debuting a new $6 Classic Meal Deal in November and confirms the news that it is expanding its Breakfast menu with the new BreakFast Stacks. Which is a McGriddle, Biscuit, or a McMuffin with 3 TIMES THE MEAT. I don’t know about any of you, but the idea of a Sausage Biscuit STACK is kinda making my mouth water. Gotta get some real meat in my system after all this chocolate right? *Has another Kitkat*


Megyn Kelly Expected to End NBC Morning Show

Megyn Kelly is expected to wind down her 9 a.m. ‘Today’ show hour by the end of the season, a source close to Kelly tells The Hollywood Reporter. Kelly has met with network executives in recent weeks to discuss the future of the show.

The Hollywood Reporter has a look at Controversial NBC Morning show host Megyn Kelly. Kelly reportedly met with NBC brass and her show has gone into repeats with the rumors the show will be canceled and taken off the air. This comes after the host made some controversial statements, most notably about “Blackface”. Whether that was the actual cause of her going into repeats and possibly canceled or not isn’t being said.


WWE confirms Crown Jewel still being held in Saudi Arabia

While issuing their third quarter financial report this morning, WWE released a statement announcing that they plan to move forward with Crown Jewel taking place in Saudi Arabia as scheduled. The company’s statement: “WWE has operated in the Middle East for nearly 20 years and has developed a sizable and dedicated fan base.

The Wrestling Observer also has an update on a story we carried earlier. World Wrestling Entertainment has decided to go forward with their show Crown Jewel that is to be held at King Saud University Stadium in Saudi Arabia on November 2nd. The event met with a lot of resistance after the murder of Washington Post writer Jamal Khashoggi by the hands of Saudi officials at the Saudi Embassy in the country of Turkey. The event is part of a ten year deal with the WWE to put on Large-scale wrestling shows in Saudi Arabia.


Japanese office worker finds stray “kittens,” vet says they’re dogs, they turn out to be neither

This kindhearted animal lover was in for a surprise when those babies got bigger! It’s not unusual to see stray animals in Japan, and when they’re caught, they’re often sent to animal control facilitates where they’re only kept for a few days before being euthanized.

SoraNews 24 has another story from Japan as an office worker wanted to help some stray newborn Kittens she had found, only to find out the “kittens” were some far different. She found a bunch of Tanuki! The “Racoon Dogs” are found in Japan and have their own myths and stories behind them. If you are outside Japan or an old school video gamer, They were the animal that Mario turned into with a special suit in Super Mario Brothers 3.


That ends another Round up of the news here on The Nacho. Remember in life to keep your eyes open and to keep reading!


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