The Weekly News Round Up for October 19

Death, Doughnuts, and Barack Obama

It’s Friday Nacho readers! It the time of the week where we look around and get a look at what people are talking about online with a Round Up for the news! Let’s see what is going on out there in the world!


Opinion | Jamal Khashoggi: What the Arab world needs most is free expression

I received this column from Jamal Khashoggi’s translator and assistant the day after Jamal was reported missing in Istanbul. The Post held off publishing it because we hoped Jamal would come back to us so that he and I could edit it together. Now I have to accept: That is not going to happen.

With his disappearance and what looks like his murder in the news, The Washington Post has published the last opinion article from Jamal Khashoggi. The Article “What the Arab world needs most is free expression.” Is introduced that it was sent in by Jamal’s translator and held for when he was found. Since that looks to not be happening, it was sent to press and published. I give the Post credit in making sure his last work was seen by readers.


Vietnam’s Mother Mushroom freed to US

The high-profile Vietnamese dissident and writer known as Mother Mushroom has been released from prison and is on her way to the United States with her two children and mother. Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh left Vietnam on Wednesday for Taipei and then Houston, Texas after an early morning release.

The BBC reports that dissident Vietnamese blogger “Mother Mushroom” is now living in exile in Houston. She was serving a 10-year sentence in Prison for “distributing propaganda against the state” after a sentence starting in 2017. Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh was allowed to take her family with her to Texas and released from jail in exchange for leaving Vietnam in exile for the United States. I have heard good things about Houston and hopes they treat her well.


Police find stolen doughnut van, share treats with homeless

It was a lucky day for some Florida police officers who recovered a stolen van filled with Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

MSN is reporting on a story of a police officer in Florida recovering a stolen van. The contents of the van? Krispy Kreme doughnuts! The manager of the store they were apparently stolen from let the police have the doughnuts. They took a few for themselves (No jokes on that) and then passed out the remainder to the areas homeless. Good work there guys!


Scientists have found a behemoth mesh of galaxies lurking in the early universe

Astronomers have found an enormous mishmash of galaxies hiding in the early universe. Located only 2.3 billion years after the Big Bang-which occurred some 13.8 billion years ago-this gigantic proto-supercluster is the largest and most massive structure ever discovered at such an early stage in the life of the universe.

Newsweek has an article about a supercluster of galaxies found in what seems to be the earliest parts of space. The cluster is called Hyperion and could be the largest and most massive structure ever discovered. It is said to be only a couple of billion years younger than the Big Bang itself! There seems to be a lot of Theoretical astronomy in finding Hyperion but they know those theories a heck of a lot more than I do!


70 of the cutest, funniest Halloween pet costumes

Just when you thought Halloween couldn’t get any more extravagant, people are still finding new ways to celebrate the holiday. This year, Americans will spend an estimated $480 million to dress up their pets for Halloween, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). That’s more than double the amount spent in 2010.

Newsweek also has this collection of Costumed Dogs just in time for Halloween. As an animal person and a sometimes cosplayer, These little guys are just full of D’AWWWWW. Those are some creative costumes! The little guys seem to be okay with it so look and melt at the picture of the adorable dogs to get into the season of dressing up.


Man rescued after being trapped two days in 100-foot Arizona mine shaft

A man has been rescued after being found trapped in a 100-foot-deep mine shaft Wednesday in a remote area of western Maricopa County, officials said. The man had been trapped in the mine since Monday, Sgt. Joaquin Enriquez of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office said in an initial tweet Wednesday afternoon.

azcentral is reporting about the rescue of a man who had been trapped in a Mine Shaft for 2 days. The shaft he was pulled from is over 100 feet deep. a medic was sent in to look after him and that he was found by a good Samaritan. Details are light at the moment but glad he was able to be pulled out of there!


Opinion | People hated me on “Little House” – but bullies never know the real you

People generally go into show business so that people will love them. That isn’t how things worked out for me: I became famous and everyone hated me, which was weird. I was 12 years-old when “Little House on the Prairie” started, so I was about junior high age when adults started coming up to me and saying, “I hate you and you are a b****.”

NBC News has an article about bullies penned by Alison Arngrim, who back in the day played the part of Nellie Oleson on “Little House on the Prairie”. The show came at a time I was a little guy so I don’t really watch it, but I know Nellie was not the nicest person to meet.


A family of bears in Wells gets ‘beary’ close to the locals

WELLS (NEWS CENTER Maine) – Nice beaches and good schools are big incentives for many families to move to Wells. But for a family of bears, easy access to bird feeders is the bigger draw.

Maine NBC station WCSH 6 has a story of a family of bears that are getting close to people in the town of Wells. The mother and three cubs have been spotted around the town. As expected, People are freaking out a bit. Well, it’s getting to be that time of year as they all get ready to hibernate. Hopefully, nothing happens to the people or the bears and nothing more comes of it.


ATTN: on Twitter

President @BarackObama doesn’t have time for these 7 excuses not to vote.

SoraNews 24 has a story about former US President Barack Obama saying he doesn’t like Pokemon is a video meant to inspire people to VOTE in the midterm elections. I’m an otaku but I’m not up in arms about it. I am not big on Pokemon either, but it was done for comedy effect more than he was being malicious about it. Glad he even knows what Pokemon is, and that is kind of the point of the video!


That is it for the news for this week. Remember to keep going in life by keeping your eyes open and keep reading!

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