Police in Texas are met by an alligator in a drug raid!

He wasn’t there for decoration!

On February the 5th, agents in Chester County in Texas were serving a warrant of drug possession. The agents stormed the house but someone was waiting for them. It wasn’t a guy with a gun or even a hostage situation thankfully. However, sitting there in the kitchen was “El Chompo” the nickname for a three-foot-long Alligator!

Not what you want to see waiting for you!

The drug agents were surprised but the men who the search warrant was for were picked up and arrested despite the “El Chompo” sitting there waiting for anyone to get closer.

Three men were charged with drug possession in the raid. Crack cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl was recovered from the house along with $5,000. The men were then taken into custody and charged with possession and a few other things and were sent to Chester County Prison. They would be standing trial for the drugs and other crimes at a later date.

“El Chompo” was also picked up and sent to Brandywine Zoo where the American alligator will be used as a learning tool for people until the summer months. Then it will be off to the St. Augustine Alligator Farm and Zoological Park in St. Augustine Florida. There “El Chompo” will spend his days with birds, lemurs, monkeys, and the other alligators in a warm climate as an exhibit for people to come an see.


It is often you will find those dealing and possessing drugs will often keep dogs and other aggressive animals around as guard animals. What the animals are actually guarding is usually a matter for the police to decide. An alligator was a new guard animal to many of the police who discovered him but if things go right the alligator will spend the rest of his days in Florida teaching people and not used by drug lords to guard their illegal hauls.

“El Chompo” was a nickname given to the alligator by the police who conducted the raid. The name is a parody of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the famous BIG time drug lord of Mexico who was arrested and hauled in by a team of marines in January of 2016. He escaped for a time but was picked up again and extradited to the United States.

Not for home use!

The American Alligator typically can be found on the coastal regions of the United States from North Carolina all the way around to the eastern side of Texas. They are one of the largest breeds of crocodiles with some animals getting four or five feet long. “El Chompo” luckily came in just below that at around three feet. Needless to say, they are not domesticated pets and not to be kept by normal people. They are apex predators and will eat snakes, amphibians, birds, turtles, snakes, frogs, and other small animals. Whatever happens to be around. Humans aren’t typically on the menu. However, being kept in a drug runners kitten may make things a little different. No police agents or anyone else was reported to have been eaten during the raid.

Hopefully, now the people who were picked up will be put away for a while in prison and “El Chompo” will retire and spend his days in an alligator farm in Florida where it will be used as an educational tool. Hopefully, the primary lesson will be not to keep an alligator in your home!

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