Is your cat hyper or just imaginative?

The mystery of your kitty.

Cats are a wonderful thing. I’m talking about regular old house cats. Popular culture would say they are usually just lazy loaves that hang around and hate everything if you don’t give them food or attention whenever they want, but if you ever had a feline friend in your life then you know that is not usually the truth.

I’m a knot!

But cats can get to be a little weird sometimes too. Ever notice your cat just laying there not moving and then all of a sudden snap to attention and run around the house? Ever watch them twist themselves into a practical knot and just lay there looking at you like this was a normal part of their day? Do they have weird things that they do that you can find no explanation for, but they will do it again and again?

OF COURSE! Cats will do those things! Much like any living creature, they have their own quirks and things they like to do, whether there is any explanation or not. Honestly, as humans, it really isn’t our place to question those things either, but we will. Thankfully or not, cats don’t speak directly to humans. A lot of swearing could be involved if things didn’t go right But the shopping might be easier.


But what makes them do those things? We can’t exactly ask a cat directly (well you CAN, but they won’t give you an answer) so the best we can do is guess as to why your little buddy has been staring at the ceiling for the last ten minutes.

Unlike many humans, most kitties have lots of energy. Cats are hunters by nature, so they need a good amount of energy to hunt and stalk their targets. Humans, not so much. We probably wouldn’t understand. Even if your kitty is a bit of a loaf and isn’t out stalking anything, they still have a little bit of that in them. Every Wonder why your cat chases it’s tail or runs around the house with seemingly no idea why it does? A good guess is that it just has a lot of energy to burn off and needs to find ways to do that. Like little kids, a lot of them are the same way, full of energy and no real idea what to do with it.

But that can bring up other ideas as well. What is your cat thinking as this is going on? they can’t exactly tell us. Cats don’t see the human world the same way that their person does. While a human may toss a string or a milk cap ring into the trash, cats will play with it for however long they want, then just decide not to anymore. Cats dream, and they think up different things, one has to wonder if while you are looking at your cats laying there getting their head scratched they aren’t imagining something completely different.

It would take a LOT of testing and some really smart people to figure this out for sure, but maybe your cat isn’t crazy at the things they do but are just really imaginative. Chances are your kitty isn’t stalking a wild dinner anymore to feed itself or others, so what is a cat to do with that kind of energy? Maybe they are more like people than we think. With some people, they just focus their energies on more creative things like writing, music, art, or creative things. Although we don’t see it outright, cats must have some kind of imagination too, and who is to say that like people, some cats are just more imaginative than others?

They are mammals, just like the people that they like to be around. Why would they not be allowed to have their own flights of fancy?

Maru and Hana
He is either really creative or he just REALLY likes boxes

So the next time you are snuggling up to a feline friend, scratching them between the ears, and getting purred at (and even returning it if they are that close to you). Think about that little face, and just what are they thinking about you!


(Thanks to Cole and Marmalade and Maru and Hana for the visuals!)


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