How Poetry Uses Animals and How to Find Animal Poems

Many people are lovers of animals, if you are one of them, you might want to find as many ways as you can to learn about them.  The internet is full of YouTube videos with animals as the main subject.  People post about their animals on Facebook and Twitter.  I receive many posts about them daily.  There are lists such as “reasons cats are good to have,” or “20 lazy animals.”  There are more ways to rejoice in animals other than watching videos or reading lists.  One way that might be not as well known, is to look up poetry on animals.

How Poetry Uses Animals

Many poems make references to animals.  They are a subject that that can make a great metaphor (comparing something to something else without using like or as).  For example:  the phrase “I have many claws, I am cat,” can be utilized to portray a dangerous person.  They might make similes (comparing something to something else using like or as) to animals too.  The poem might say something like “I am as a cat, sneaky like the night.”  As you can see from the example phrases I posted, animals can be used to make a description.  Some poems use animals as a positive theme and some can use them as a negative thing. Poets might also use the sounds an animal makes in their poem, (an onomatopoeia,) such as “moo” or “meow.” There are many literary devices that work in poetry when an animal is referred to.

How to Find Poems on Animals

You can find poetry on animals simply by reading a lot of poems.  That’s hard to do though.  If you want to find poems on just animals, that’s easier.  You can find many of them by typing “poetry on animals” in the search bar, and many sites will pop up.  One of the first pages that displayed for me was “Animal Poems (”.  There was a list of 52 pages displaying links on this subject in the search results.  There was also a list of related searches I could use to find out more.  It suggested: animal poetry for kids, free animal poems, book of animal poetry and poetry animal hospital. Another way to find poems on animals is to read books on animals and the poems might be printed in there. You might want to go online and listen to poems on animals.  If you go onto YouTube, the search “poems on animals” will generate mostly kid videos.  To find better ones for the older population I typed “mature animal poems.”  I was afraid that I was going to get ‘adult’ videos, but I actually found what I wanted.  There were still many children’s poems listed in there though.  The easiest way to find poems about animals is to do a phrase search online. 

There are many great things about animals.  They are so splendid we want to know more about them.  We can learn about them by watching videos and looking at lists about them.  Poetry is a great way to learn about and celebrate animals too.


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