5 Reasons Why Cats Are Great To Have

Cats are very mysterious in their own way. They love to chase butterflies and use the scratching posts. They can be great companions and here are five reasons why.

#1 – Bathe Themselves

Cats are so OCD about their fur. They will literally lick themselves all day just to get clean. They all bathe themselves so you don’t have to lift a finger. 

#2 – No Rodents

They will chase away or eat any small creature resembling a mouse. You will never have to worry about mice or rats coming out of the wall or wherever and get away. Cats are super observant.

#3 – Unconditional Love

Cats can be very loving. They will rub against you letting you know that either they love you or they’re just hungry. Giving you a head bud, meaning you are theirs. You can push them away and they’ll just come right back.

#4 – Love To Play

Cats love to play with things that move. And they’re so adorable to watch. Not all cats are active. Some of them get fat and lazy, but are still lovable. An active cat or kitten will have you playing all day long.

#5 – Protective 

Cats can become very territorial over their owner and home. They may be smaller than other animals, but if driven to, they will do whatever to keep you protected. Scratching, hissing, and biting to name a few.  

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