5 Internet cats to waste away your day

People like cats on the Internet. They are cute, they are entertaining, and most importantly they are someone else’s mess to clean up and feed. It’s the best of being a cat owner without all the fuss and hard work of having a little furball begging for a bite out of every meal and leaving you a box full of stink or a dead rodent in return. But they are fun to watch and even through Youtube they make us feel better and calm whatever nerves or issues we may have. So, if you have a computer and need to bring peace to your mind. Here are some kitty cats that will help you do it. Just click on their names if the videos do not load.

Moire and Crie

【モアクリ】 ねこじゃすり

「ねこじゃすり」を買ってみました。詳細はブログを参照↓ http://moacrie.com/p/13040 モアクリ http://moacrie.com https://twitter.com/moacrie https://www.facebook.com/moacrie

Moire is also known as “Ninja Cat” from a video of her that became viral a number of years ago. The kitty with the kink in her tail is still around and making videos, along with her adopted little sister Crie. The videos of these two are about as Zen as you can get. There are videos of them getting bathes and being groomed and played with and that is largely it. They live in Japan but the videos are done in English so even us English speakers know what’s going on. Although with it being a very laid back channel, it usually doesn’t take much explanation.


Talking Kitty Cat 27 – BACON!

Sylvester and Gibson are threatened by an angry landlord, spiders and bacon. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Steve-Cash-stevecash83-/139714162764900 Flaggle Claggle

The exact opposite of the previous entry and not for sensitive viewers. The “Talking cat” videos are produced by Steve Nash and feature the antics of his cat Sylvester as well as his other pets Shelby the Dog, Random the cat, and her son Gibbyson (also the son of former cat cast member Gibson who passed away). Steve adds in overdubs for the felines so that they “talk” and Sylvester is a fouled mouthed little guy (Not for the kiddies!) who is trying to get rid of the other animals in the house. The language may not be to everyone’s taste but the silliness and creativeness of these videos keep people who don’t mind a little sass from their cat videos hooked.


玄関開けるまで259,202秒でにゃんこ♪ Cat happy to see owner after 3 days -Cat welcome – short.5 after 3 days-

3日ぶりの再会です♪ お留守番の頑張りようが目に浮かびます。 最近気をつけていたのに、むーの喜び様に思わず飼い主の声(息)が入ってしまいました。 She was a House Sitting for three days. Her food was more than half, when I arrived my home. someone say “food! food!” But, she likes one than food.

Another one that comes from Japan is this little black and white cat that loves it when her owner comes home. First starting out just videos of a really friendly cat greeting her owner as he came in the front door, things have grown over the years as the original owner has been married and has an infant son that not only loves his little feline family member, but the cat love him back. It is a real slice of a regular Japanese family and their very affectionate cat. Sometimes that is all you need to make you feel in a better place.

Cole and Marmalade

First Time Cats Go Outside in New Catio

Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SubToColeAndMarmalade Do YOUR cats like to go outside?… If so we highly recommend getting a catio or outdoor cat run like what is featured in this video. It’s the purrfect way for your cats to have some outside time in a safe environment Outdoor cat run featured in the video: http://bit.ly/2ixhBiL *SAVE 10% by using code: CAMSAVE at the checkout!

A channel started by a man named Chris of his two very affectionate kitties, Cole and his younger brother Marmalade. Not only are these videos about the two felines as they play together and experience things around them, but also help educate the viewers on different things like why cats do certain things and the need to adopt, not shop when trying to find cats of your own. Chris has also done videos on his related channels in helping out rescue a horde of cats from an abandoned house near where he lives and also his experience with the much bigger cats like lions, tigers, and panthers in zoos. Not only does he bring the cute and cuddly that people watch these videos for, but uses his platform for charitable causes to help out other kitties around the world, even the bigger ones you shouldn’t have at home.

Maru and Hana

久しぶりのゆとりある箱にのびのび寛ぐねこ。-Maru is relaxed in the wide box.-

久しぶりの広い箱を満喫するまる。Maru enjoys the wide box. But… BGM:フリー音楽素材 H/MIX GALLERY http://www.hmix.net/ Blog: http://sisinmaru.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maruhanamogu

Maru might just be one of the most famous cats on the Internet. The big boy not only has his own line of merchandise, but he has even been in a commercial or two for cat food. Now he has a little sister named Hana who loves to join in with her big brother. Maru may be best known for his love of boxes and sitting in them no matter the size in the mantra of “If It fits I sit.” Maru and Hana are the stars here without a lot of human involvement on camera as they live their typical Japanese cat lives, either by playing with each other, dancing to ring in the new year, or even seeing the world outside their door.

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