How to Inspire Students for Doing Their Assignment by Themselves

Homework and assignments are important for a student’s good performance in the formal education system. Instead of outsourcing them or cheating, students should complete these projects themselves.

In the last few decades, we have seen a tremendous change and transformation in our society as a whole. Technological advancements and progress in science have changed the way we used to live our lives.

With smart devices in almost every hand and access to the internet 24/7, everywhere and anywhere in the world, people have become more connected to each other than they were ever before in the history of mankind. Access to an ocean of information and data has enhanced the overall thought process of human beings.

Like any other part of the society, the education sector has also been hugely influenced by this influx of technological gadgets and networking. Online education from anywhere in the world has become accessible to every person on the planet.

With many changes inculcating in the education system, one thing that has not changed is the way students perceive homework and projects. Homework, which is an essential component of the formal education process, is still considered boring and burdensome.

With the internet in easy access, students find it much easier to outsource their home assignments and projects to professional service providers who are willing to do their work in exchange for a fee or price. It becomes difficult for the teachers and instructors to recognize this plagiarized and forged work and pinpoint the students who are following this unethical practice.

The very essence of homework is to gauge the student’s understanding and abilities in a given course or subject. It is also a way to help students revise and enhance the syllabi at home that has been taught in class. By not doing it themselves, they are maligning the entire purpose of the homework and assignment writing service.

Although it has been proven through scientific research and studies that a standard level of regular homework helps improve the study efficiency of the students, it is still considered as boring and unimportant. Students who do not complete their homework themselves might be doing so because of a number of reasons including:

  • Inability to understand the homework and coursework
  • Bad company of friends
  • Nobody to help them with homework at home
  • Too much involvement in extra-curricular activities
  • Struggling to earn some money after school
  • Wasting time of social networking and television
  • Too much domestic disturbance at a home
  • Lack of an appropriate place to study and do homework
  • Involvement in unethical practices like drugs, drinking and other criminal activities.

These were some of the reasons why students might not be doing their homework and tasks themselves. Some of these problems can be solved by a little encouragement from the teachers and staff. Below are some of the ways teachers can motivate students to do their homework themselves:

  • Improve the students’ self-confidence:

Teachers should make the students understand that they are not perfect and do not have to show 100% right answers. They are open to make mistakes and take corrective actions where needed.

  • Create a challenging environment:

Encourage students to answer difficult questions. Create small challenges for them and let them compete for the right answers and assignments.

  • Be open to discussions:

Always encourage the students to give their own point of view. Let them express their thinking and analysis. This way they get to share new ideas and take part in the positive discussion. Teachers might have the right answers but there could be more than one right answer to a question.

  • Involve the students:

Before drafting the homework or coursework, involve the students in the process. Take their input and then come up with something that they want to do open heartedly.

  • Do not overburden them:

Homework and coursework should be according to the level and understanding of the students. Teachers should not make these too difficult for the average students to complete. Also, too many assignments can create a burden on the students. Teachers should ensure regular homework but keep in mind available to the students.

  • Assign marks:

Make sure that homework and assignments also hold some score in the marking of the final grade. This way students consider them to be important rather than useless and invaluable.

  • Check homework regularly:

Due to lack of time and busy schedules, many teachers do not check the assignments and homework given to the students. When students put in so much effort, they get demotivated on zero reward or outcomes. Therefore teachers should also give due importance to the assignments so that students also take them seriously.


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