Do our schools cater to the needs of dyslexic students?

Is your child unable to write properly? Does he fail to rectify his mistake and repeats the same mistake over and over again? Then you should read this article.

What does dyslexia mean? Who is a dyslexic student? How can we able to recognize a dyslexic child? The importance to recognize a dyslexic child is very important. They may seem to be normal children. Actually, they are normal to the definition. They are not disabled as they have no physical disability but we fail to see that the child might be dyslexic. The dyslexic children are those who are unable to study properly as they find difficulty in learning the alphabets and basic mathematical skill. They have difficulty in recognizing “d” from “b” and often makes the same spelling mistakes again and again. They find it difficult to read, explain, spell, and express their thoughts, ideas and plans on the piece of paper. They are often bullied and abused by fellow children and students but also by their teachers as they do not know to have the slightest idea of their mental condition. This situation has resulted in an increased rate of depression among such students. Even the parents so indulged in the race of the competition and to face the world they often ignore to recognize that their child might be dyslexic. The parents due to the poor performance of their children in exams scold and reprimand the children that they have not put in the best efforts but fail to pay attention to the scenario that it might be possible that the answer to the difficulty of a child in learning is that he is dyslexic. The dyslexic child starts to undermine himself and loses his confidence. The consistent mistakes of the children might lead you to conclude the fact that the child is careless and does not pay attention to his work.

Considerate environment:

The teachers and the school administration should provide such a healthy environment in order to take together all the pupils of the class together and collectively. The teacher should pay equal attention to all the subjects of the class. The teacher should encourage those children who have difficulty to read the stories and expressing their feelings. The school should cater to the needs of dyslexic students. Most schools fail to cater to the needs of these special dyslexic students. The school should be considerate of the learning environment of these children and should provide extra classes to make them equal to the normal kids in learning and activities.


The dyslexic children are most of the times misunderstood in the class as well as in their homes. The dyslexic children might have bad behavior due to their difficulty and hardships during learning. The teachers should fill their lectures with joyful activities which helps them to learn the lecture. The teacher at preliminary level can also teach them the alphabets in the sand or by playing dough. The teachers can construct a good healthy environment for such students.


The school should attend the dyslexic children in the play areas too in order to boost their self-morale and self-confidence. The dyslexic children originally are called gifted children because of their outstanding comprehension skills and they have great artistic abilities. They can grow into great artist and leaders that can change the future of the world. If the school is able to focus on their abilities and help them to overcome their difficulties and weak areas then they can do what no man on earth can. The teachers should encourage the children the children to draw their favorite scenes in the playground. They should give children the tasks to comprehend different scenarios in order to polish their skills. The school should polish the areas where they can excel and will lead them to a bright future.

Teaching strategies:

The class teacher can adopt different methodologies to teach the dyslexic children. The class teacher can use various kinds of flash cards of different colors to help them to learn colors. She can help the students by teaching them with the help of flowsheets and stories and diagrams. Pictures are regarded as a useful tool to help the children learn and develop self-confidence in them. The teacher can develop a positive spirit in them that it is okay that they have some difficulty and it is normal. They can help the child to develop his self-esteem. The teachers can use big diagrams and pictures to develop the concepts of dyslexic children. They can also teach them stuff through painting in which they excel. They can help them to accept the flaws and work hard to rectify them. 


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