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So you've seen what I do now let's go behind the scenes and see what it takes to become an actor. 

 Can we try to talk? 

 Just because love for acting started at a young age. 

 I've always been performing since I was little but I didn't really put anything together until I was about 15 was when I started to take class and really realized that I wanted to act. 

 Her passion for acting continues today and now she's turned her passion into a career. 

 In September I'm going to head off to L.A., I've been there once for school and I plan on hopefully getting in with the theater company out there and mingling on some film auditions. 

 There's no 9 to 5 job as an actor. Your schedule will be as diverse as the roles you audition for. 

 Everyday is different. I can be not going on any auditions, one day I could be going on four auditions; I could be going to rehearsal after--every day is different. 

 And when you're not auditioning you're fine tuning your craft. 

 Well I see tons of workshops; any workshop that I find is interesting, and then I'm a member of Actor's Workshop of South Florida, where I continue studying. 

 All that training will help when you book your first job. The length of shots can vary and be prepared to continue looking for the next role. 

 Every job is different. If it's a commercial it could be like anywhere from like a day or a week; if it's a film normally it's at least 30 days or if you just have a one-liner maybe a day, so it just depends. 

 So you like the bright lights, it's helpful as an actor to get training at a conservatory or university program but it's not necessary to go to college. 

 I didn't go to college and I feel I personally did better without going to college with just getting real life experience but some people really need to take the college path. 

 Being an actor you don't just train mentally; you train physically too. 

 Do you think as an actor you have to keep physically fit? 

 You do because for an actor your body is your tool, it's your instrument, so from the voice to your arms, to your legs, everything has to be fit. 

 Acting isn't just on the big screen. You can find work in summer festivals, cruise lines, the theater and even theme parks. And the good news is you can travel all around the world. 

 You can act all over. I'm currently in Florida acting but plan to go to L.A. There are opportunities anywhere; there are just bigger opportunities in certain places. 

 Only performers with the most drive and talent will find regular employment. Competition for jobs is stiff so you can't get discouraged. 

 You definitely have to have a thick skin. You definitely get turned down a lot and some reasons I find out, some I don't. 

 Everybody knows the big named actors make a lot of money. Once you're working steady you can make a decent income, but when you're just starting out earnings can be erratic. 

 More successful actors so far have made like a lot more but my highest paying check is more than like a few thousand dollars. 

 So to increase your odds in landing a job it helps to have versatility and a range of performance skills like dancing and singing. Jessica also suggests a few other qualities. 

 You need to be friendly, you need to be able to adapt to different situations because you never know what you're going to be dealing with. And you definitely have to be hardworking. 

 Now that you have all of the facts, I'm going to get back to work. I'm Shana for Youniversity TV, that's a wrap. 

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