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Like what you see here? Well today we're going behind the scenes to talk to the man who puts it all together. I'm Shana for Youniversity TV. Let's check it out. Web programmer, Peruq [assumed spelling] Robavech [assumed spelling] is able to speak to computers. 

 It's all about creating things really. That's what it comes down to. Creating new things web size, web designs, programming. 

 Shana: As a web programmer Peruq designs, casts and creates programs in order to make computers do specific tasks. 

 I'm writing programs with instructions on how the sites are going to behave in certain cases, so if you click on a button, what's going to happen. So that's what the programmer handles. 

 Shana: Because this is a computer-based job, Peruq spends the majority of his time in front of the computer. 

 You have to be ready to be in a confined space for a long time of course because you're going to be sitting at the desk. And sometimes you might be working alone and sometimes with other people. 

 Shana: How many hours do you put in in a week? 

 Minimum 40; most of the time going above that so it's a job that's mostly per task so you have to be ready to put in hours as necessary. 

 Shana: Before you start talking to computers, you'll need to get a degree. What kind of education can you take if you want to do programming? 

 Well it depends. Programming for example most likely you have to go to school for computer science; that's the best bet. 

 Shana: Almost every industry employs computer programmers; therefore, web programmers can work all over the world. 

 You can find jobs pretty much in any kind of industry, especially in today's age because everything is going online and on the internet. 

 Shana: Due to the increased popularity of online websites, web developers are in high demand. Can you give us the annual starting salary of a web programmer? 

 If you're just fresh out of college, you can probably start making around $25 to $30,000K; and as the programmer is in his second year and so on it will start jumping up. 

 Shana: A person who is technologically advanced, a problem solver and is creative should do well at this job. 

 You have to be interested into how things work first thing, and be kind of--have an engineering mind because it is kind of engineering in the building process. 

 Shana: As soon as it's time for me to go home, I'm taking over. Hope you guys enjoyed the web programming as much as me. So get on Youniversitytv.com and check out what I'm about to do. 

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