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Oh my gosh, Alaska, you are going to need to pack your bags for this exciting career. I think it is time we talked to a travel agent, come on. Marie, how long have you been involved in the travel industry? 

 32 years. 

 Marie Tippith's [assumed spelling] experience around the world is helping others create beautiful memories. 

 I have been everywhere but India and Africa. 

 Oh my goodness, so what has been your favorite place? 

 Gosh lots of them. 

 I am sure there is probably a lot. 

 Spain and Italy are probably one of my favorites. 

 Travel agents spend most of their time on the phone or on the computer helping their clients and traveling is one of the perks. 

 I arrange the tours. I take them on the tours and I am responsible for everything on the tours. 

 Travel agents typically work 8 to 5 Monday through Friday. 

 I am waiting on clients and I am banking up tours and I am doing research. 

 What journey does a perspective travel agent have to take? Although a college degree is important to most employers, it is not necessary. Travel experience is valuable and most training is learned on the job. 

 You have to go to travel school and you know what the main thing now is learning computers, besides learning geography and history, everything else. 

 Due to the advancement in computer technology, most travel agents work at home, although some prefer to have an office setting to attract walk-in business. 

 They can work as an agent. They can work as an outside agent. They can work as an in-home agent. They can go on a cruise line and work on a cruise ship. They can do, oh there is so many avenues. 

 With the availability for clients to book their own trips at home, the demand is less for travel agents, yet some people still like the security, reliability and the savings they get from a professional. 

 We have been in it so long that we have our steady customers and they keep coming back to us for the personal service. 

 A well established travel agent can be expected to make between 30 to 50,000 dollars a year, other characteristics that a travel agent should have is being well organized, well traveled and having a great personality. 

 You have to know your business. You have to study up on what you are doing. You have to really experience it and you have to be ready to give your client the best information that you can. 

 If you are excited about what the world has to offer, this job could be perfect for you. I am Shana for Youniversity and I am headed to Africa. 

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