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Nursing is the most common occupation in the healthcare field, making up nearly 2.5 million jobs. Kimberly Norva [assumed spelling] specializes in homecare nursing. 

 Our nurses here come, they make a schedule. 

[ Background talking ] Of patients, come out and see them. When it's convenient with the patients to do whatever skill need is necessary. 


 We have diabetic teaching or wound care. So a lot of the nurses that eventually come into homecare have had at least one or two years experience in the hospital. 

 Registered nurses perform diagnostic tests and administer treatments and medications. Norva says homecare nurses often work alone. 

[ Background talking ] 

 You're working without, without a physician with you, that ancillary staff. So, you're, you're. 

 You have to be able to make, call the shots. 

 You have to be able to call the shots on your own, and to know what's normal, what's not normal, be able to act on it. We've had to go into homes and start doing CPR. 

 Oh my. 

 You know it depends, depends on what's going on. Patients, you walk into patient's home. You think it's going to be a normal day, you walk in. 

[ Background talking ] The patient's on the floor. 

 You can enter this field with a bachelor's degree, an associate's degree, or a diploma from a nursing program. After that, you'll need to complete a national licensing exam to get your nursing license. 

 Because if you decide to leave the hospital, you go into a specialized area, like homecare, or a doctor's office, forensic nursing, legal nursing, those you can go for special certifications. Nurses can go and get IV certified, where they can learn to insert IV catheters, manage triple line, triple line lumen catheters. They can do wound care certification. 

 RNs who work for hospitals may be on call and have to work night shifts and weekends. Norva says one benefit of her job is the schedule. 

 See a few visits, go home, you know, pick up your kids. 

[ Background talking ] Right. From school. Drop them off at somebody else's house or whatever you need to do. And then go back and see more patients, or work per diem where you only see a few patients a day. 

 Annual salary for RNs averages more than 57,000 dollars a year. What kinds of characteristics do you think are really helpful in, in nursing? 

 For nursing as a whole, the person should be thorough, detail oriented, organized, and thinking ahead. A nurse should always be anticipating what the next thing might be for her patient. 

 Make an impact on your patients, like Florence Nightingale, the most famous nurse in modern history. She was only a nurse for three years of her life. If you want to work in the medical field, and enjoy meeting new people every day, then a career as a registered nurse could be right for you. 

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