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All right, you got it on the Gator, 98.7 FM. 

 Does that sound like the right job for you? Well we're about to find out what it's like to be a radio personality. 

[ Music ] Andy Preston loves his job. 

 Radio's in my blood though, I mean it's a lot, a lot of fun to do what I do. And you know, hey man, I would do it for less money, but don't tell my boss. 

[ Chuckles ] 

 As a radio personality, Andy Preston informs and entertains his audience by creating a show filled with music, hot topics, and information about the news and weather. 

 A quick look at Gator Road Watch. It seems like it hasn't rained in so long, people forgot how to drive. 

 Radio personalities often work at irregular and unpredictable times. But the creativity involved in the job outweighs the hours. 

 I get to go to all the shows that I want to go to. Get to go to the Marlins games. There's opportunities to meet the NASCAR points champion, to scuba diving with Jerry Garcia. 

 In order to surf the radio waves, a bachelor's degree in broadcasting, communications or journalism is helpful. But, the most important thing to get is on the job training. 

 There's nothing like the experience of getting your chops together in college. You have a couple of years to get good. So by the time you're really ready to look for a job, you're not six months out of one of those schools. You've had three or four years. Plus you get to know people. You get to see how radio works from the inside. 

 Because music is the universal language, radio DJs can be employed all over the place. 

 Every time I saw a radio tower I said you know what, there's a job underneath that stick. So they can be anywhere. I mean small town radio can be a wonderfully rewarding career. 

 Competition for jobs is intense, due to the fact there are more job seekers than jobs available. You'll have to do more than just talk on the radio. 

 One of the things that I would strongly advise is to have a lot of skills. Have a big skill set. If you just desire to be on the air, you need to help out in other ways. 

 Landing your first job may sound like music to your ears. But be prepared, your first paycheck may sound more like white noise. 

 Yeah, you could come in at, at 18 to 20,000 as a starting type salary. And the skies really the limit. There are people in this market that make six figures. Miami its maybe a quarter of a million dollars for the top four or five DJs there. 

 A person with a great voice, superb timing, and the ability to connect with an audience will make a great radio personality. Andy also has these qualities to add. 

 I'd say you need to be an out-going person. You need to be a curious person. And I think, believe it or not, you have to be somebody who knows how to listen pretty good too. 

 All right guys, that's it for me from YouniversityTV. But DJ Shauna is about to hit the airwaves. 

[ Music ] 

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