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Hey guys, Shanie here, taking a look at what being a physical therapist is all about. 

 So Sonja, how is your knee feeling today? 

 It's kind of sore. It's been hurting a lot. 

 Hurting a lot? 


 Physical therapist Ian Nagle [Assumed spelling] spends his work days helping patients get better. So what is a physical therapist? 

 Physical therapist, the term I would use to best describe physical therapist is a person who helps with a patient's rehabilitation. 

 Physical therapists work with injured and diseased patients to help them relieve pain, regain their strength, and get back to their highest level of physical function. The hard work doesn't end in the office. Physical therapists also design home exercise programs for patients. 

 Roughly, how many hours do you work in a work week? 

 I roughly average probably about 45 to 50 hours in the clinic. 

 Most physical therapists work in hospital or office settings. Expect to be on the move most of the day. 

 I'm on the table with patients stretching them, so I'm up on the table. I might be on the floor for a reason, or carrying, lifting a patient up on the wheelchair. 

 That's where snacks come in handy. 

 I'll go ahead and to refrigerator, maybe get a piece of chocolate or you know, a soda, something with a little caffeine in it. Keeps me going so I can get through the day. 

 What's your education background? How does one start on the path toward physical therapy? 

 The way I went about doing it is I got a four year bachelor's degree in athletic training back in New York. And then what I did was I applied to physical therapy schools around the country. 

 After you get your master's in physical therapy you need to get licensed in the state you plan to practice. Once you finish your education and certification there should be a job waiting for you. The demand for physical therapists is expected to increase over the next five years as the elderly population grows. The financial outlook for physical therapists isn't too bad either. The average salary is a little more than $60,000 per year. So do you think part of being a physical therapist is being a people-person? 


 It's also important to be caring and compassionate. 

 Try to sympathize, they're in a lot of pain and I know that. And tell them that, you know, we're going to try to do our best to minimize the pain. 

 Who knew physical therapy could also be fun and games. 

 I'm so much better at Wii tennis than I am with real tennis. 

 Physical therapists use Nintendo Wii to help patients improve balance and coordination. Since it's my first day on the job, I'm sticking to more traditional methods. 

 Place this on top of her knee. 

 On top of the knee, okay. Cold? 


 Oh, okay. Only ten minutes, okay? 

 Okay, thanks. 

 If you're looking for a job where you get to help people get better, check out physical therapy. I'm Shana for Youniversity TV, see you guys next time. Leave it on for ten minutes, can you too that? Okay. 

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