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Shaina: I've always wanted to know what it takes to be a lawyer, and today we're gonna find out. Hi. I'm Shaina from Youniversity TV and I'm here to see Frank, please. Thank you. Frenchintime [phonetic] guides his clients through the legal system. 

 Frank: An attorney is somebody who will have clients that have problems and issues that need to be dealt with from a legal perspective. 

 Shaina: Lawyers represent parties in criminal or civil matters. Most people think of attorneys as trail lawyers, but they also write and review contracts, negotiate settlements, and advise clients. 

 Frank: It's not just about knowing the law, but it's a way of thinking. An anacal, [phonetic] and analytical thought process. You take an issue. You analyze the issue. Then you try to solve the problem. 

 Shaina: Lawyers work long hours either conducting research, meeting with clients, or preparing briefs. 

 Frank: My typical day starts at about 8 oclock in the morning. Usually I'm in the office before 8. And I usually leave anywhere between 6 to 7 oclock at night, working on a variety of different matters for my client. 

 Shaina: Here's the verdict, be prepared for a lot of studies and long days ahead for a future as a lawyer. 

 Frank: To become a lawyer it takes about 7 years of post high school work. You have your 4 years of college, and then after that you have; generally it's 3 years of law school. 

 Shaina: Frank also suggests getting an internship. 

 Frank: Internships are a great way to learn about the legal practice and to determine if it's not the right fit for you. 

 Shaina: Jobs as a lawyer are readily available. Lawyers can find employment in government, private, and nonprofit organizations. 

 Frank: The job outlook is actually pretty good. The legal profession has always been one of the careers that's been the most recession proof. 

 Shaina: All that hard work will pay off when you land that job. 

 Frank: For the most part starting salaries are anywhere between $60 to $90,000 a year. 

 Shaina: Becoming a lawyer involves a great deal of time and determination. So having certain characteristics can be helpful. 

 Frank: Somebody that can listen well. That can think effectively, analytically. That will, is willing to work hard. 

 Shaina: With evolving technology, most law firms are on the cutting edge. Tools like video conferencing allow law firms to have clients all across the world and meet with them, without leaving the comfort of their own office. 

 Frank: You can get people in multiple offices at one time. And we get to see each other and have that same interaction through a video conferencing. 

 Shaina: So you want to become a lawyer? Well you better hit the books. I'm gonna get started. We'll see you guys next time. 

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