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Websites, T-shirts, posters, graphic designers produce it all. They communicate ideas through the commercial art they create for their clients. 

 They have to be somewhat of a mind reader to be able to take their information, figure out what styles they like, what colors they like, and then be able to give them something beyond their wildest imagination. 

 Donna Weinberger oversees the work done by graphic artists at Town Tech Design Studio. 

 We design websites, advertisements for print, for magazines, newspapers, direct mail pieces, little catalogs. 

 Designers choose everything from the colors and animation of a project to the style the client wants it to convey. They do all of this using programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and InDesign. 

 To be able to do vector art they have to be able to do beautiful typography. 

 And this is all on the computer? 

 This is all on the computer. 

 And generally, they have skills with a pencil in their hand and a piece of paper, right? 

 You know, some people have a pen and a tablet, so they can draw right on the computer. It's an option that graphic designers have if they feel more comfortable this way. So this pen does everything that a mouse can do. If you want to give it a shot. 

 Okay, so maybe I'm not cut out to be a graphic designer extraordinaire, but here's what it takes to become one. You'll need a bachelor's degree in art or graphic design and an eye for details. 

 If they're good, they can get a job. 


 There's a lot of competition out there. 

 Okay. Is there a lot of demand though? 

 The way the future's going, a graphic designer will have an edge on their competitors if they're a web designer, a flash designer, and a graphic designer. Have good spelling, good communication skills, good organizational skills. 

 Donna says she usually interviews around twenty to forty prospective designers before she finds someone with the technical and artistic skills she is looking for. 

 This would be the flow that a graphic designer or a web designer would have to have when they get out of college and come to work at a place like this. They'd have to be able to know what looks good, how to work it all together, and this is good typography, it's good colors, good choice of colors. 

 Graphic designers can work for themselves as a freelancer, or for large advertising and design firms. The type of company will determine an artists salary. 

 If they go to a print shop, they're looking anywhere between ten to fifteen dollars an hour, and if they go to a large ad agency, they're going to have to pay their dues. They can end up with a job paying seventy five thousand dollars a year to eighty five thousand. 

 In this competitive field, everything depends on how hard you're willing to work to perfect your design skills. After landing some swag designed by Donna's team of artists, it's time for me to hit the road and leave these designers to their projects. Thank you so much for showing me everything. 

 Yeah, I had fun too. 

 It was very nice to meet you. 

 Nice to meet you. 


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