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Video Transcript

What's up, guys?

- We're going blue...
- And maize...

- ...here at the University
of Michigan.

That's right, we're at the home
of the Wolverines.

I'm Nicole Erin.

I'm Ferrari St. Paul.

Let's storm through this campus.

- Go!
- Aaah!

The University of Michigan is
located in Ann Arbor, Michigan

and is only 40 minutes
from Windsor, Canada.

The Michigan campus spans
over 2800 acres,

with over 200 major buildings,
spread over Central, North,

Medical, and South campuses.

So you know your schedule's
going to be totally jam-packed

with classes and clubs
and organizations and stuff.

But a taste of downtown is just
a hop, skip, jump away.

And Detroit's only 40 minutes.

Ooh, let's go in here.

The University of Michigan has
just under 26,000 undergraduates

and over 15,000 graduate

49% are men,
and 51% are women.

Students come from all 50 states
and 120 countries.

Well, we get students
from all over.

They're all different.

We embrace that.

In fact, it's one of the reasons
why we're excellent.

You know, we value diversity
and feel that that's a key

component in making sure that
we produce excellent students.

We have a solid academic

one that guarantees that
students can come here,

major in the courses they want
to major in and graduate.

We graduate 90% of the students
who attend the university.

And 96% come back
after their freshman year,

which means that the adjustment,
the challenges of the first year

are somehow satisfied through
all the things and opportunities

that students have
on this campus.

Admission into Michigan is
highly selective,

with the average SAT score of
Michigan's current freshman

class falling between
1940 and 2190,

ACT between 28 and 32,
and an average GPA

between 3.7 and 4.0.

Once you're a graduated
Wolverine, you'll be among

these famous alumni...

Google founder Larry Page,
amazing actor James Earl Jones,

and football star...

Who's my boyfriend...

Tom Brady.

Sorry, Giselle.

Michigan undergraduate, lower
classmen students can expect

to pay close to $24,000 a year
on tuition and room and board,

while in-state upperclassmen
pay just over $25,000.

Those coming from out-of-state
will pay between $47,000

and $49,500,
depending on your year.

Michigan offers over
200 degree programs,

3,000 course offerings,
and 60 languages

offered on campus.

Some student favorites include
Pre-Law, Pre-Med, Engineering,

Communication, and Theater Arts.

I came here mostly 'cause
I always knew I wanted to be

an engineer.

And when I was looking
at Engineering schools

around the country, I saw that
almost every single department

at Michigan's Engineering School
was ranked in the top ten.

Most of them were actually
in the top five in the country.

So it seemed like a pretty
obvious choice to me.

I have taken a great number
of classes that I know

I'll be able to use in whatever
career I choose to go into.

And then it has so many
resources here.

The Career Center is amazing.

I have gotten my resume
revised through them,

additionally through
my business fraternity;

they've helped me write cover
letters, prepare for interviews.

There are 5,290 full time
tenured faculty members,

and 1,230 part time at
the University of Michigan.

The student to faculty ratio
is just 15:1.

There are some world-class
scholars that,

in almost every field,
they're making differences

in the way everything happens
from science to the humanities,

social sciences.

So they do a lot
of publishing,

but they really love
teaching too.

Our faculty even allows
students, through a program

we have at the university called
the Undergraduate Opportunities

program, to actually shadow
them as they do research

and as they teach.

And the most important
thing is that we really try

to personalize the process
with our faculty.

And there are opportunities for
one on one, daily opportunities,

for students to meet with
faculty on a one on one basis

throughout the year, any time,
anywhere almost.

This is Michigan Union,
a popular hangout for students

to go shopping, get a bite
to eat, or even study.

And Ferrari was here with me
a minute ago...

I'm right here--
I had to get some coffee.

Oh, nice.

'Cause it's so early,
and I'm ready to go

to the bookstore and stock up
on our Michigan gear.

All right, let's do it.

Let's do it.

The Michigan Wolverines compete
in the Big Ten conference

at the NCAA Division I level,
with 25 varsity sports.

Well, I mean, to be
a Michigan Wolverine,

it's obviously the team first.

And you know, we bond
very well there.

It's really a family,
and we pride ourselves on that,

and our tradition
there shows it.

Michigan Stadium
is one of the largest

college football-only stadiums
in the world,

seating over 107,000 fans.

I chose Michigan just
for, you know, obviously

the quarterback tradition there.

We had Tom Brady,
we had Brian Griese there,

and you know, a lot
of great quarterbacks

that came through there.

And I felt comfortable
with the coaching staff.

Not only that, Michigan's
football team ranks first

in the NCAA's history
in total number of wins.

Go Blue!

Students at the University
of Michigan have their choice

of 16 residence halls,
with nearly 10,000 students

living on campus.

With their housing system
ranked sixth largest in the US,

freshman housing is guaranteed.

I've been extremely, extremely
happy with the on campus

housing system here.

I'm a senior, and I still live
in the residence halls.

I think they provide great
community activities,

as well as just a really nice
atmosphere to come home

to at the end of the day.

They're full of amenities
like computing sites

and dining facilities, laundry.

The one--the residence hall
that I live in actually has

an art gallery and a dance
studio, a photography dark room,

a number of things,
including a library.

It's super easy to get
involved on campus.

We have over a thousand
different student clubs

and organizations here.

We have the Festifall that goes
on every fall, where literally

almost every single one of those
organizations will have a table

out on the Diag.

Students from all
around the school come.

They wander around;
they sign up for email groups.

You can join as many clubs
as you want that day

and weed them out later on.

You can be really selective
and join them later on

by looking on Maize Pages

They'll list every single club
and organization on campus.

Well we've officially gone blue.

Hail to the victors.

See you later, Ann Arbor.

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