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Video Transcript

Hey guys, thanks for watching
YOUniversityTV, I’m Sheanna.

And I’m Nicole,
and today we’re at

the University of Arizona.

The school was established
in 1885

and Old Main has been
here ever since.

Looks like our tour guide’s
already waiting for us.

You ready to go?

Let’s go guys.

The University of Arizona
is located in Tucson, Arizona

or sometimes referred
to as the Old Pueblo.

It is less than two hour drive
from the state’s capital,


Lucky for students,
downtown is close to campus.

That gives them access
to great shopping,

and a vibrant nightlife.

Located in the heart
of the Sonora Desert,

the main campus covers
380 acres in central Tucson.

Check out those views.

University of Arizona

may look like an oasis
in the desert,

it is the oldest continually
maintained public green space

in the State of Arizona.

The University of Arizona
has nearly

30,000 undergrads
enrolled on campus.

Minority students make up
29 percent of the population,

and the student to faculty
ratio is 18 to 1.

So, is there anything
you wanna tell, like,

an incoming student
what to expect

the college life is like
at University of Arizona?

Um, it’s just a lot of fun.

It’s a great school,
great facilities, great campus,

great atmosphere, and it’s
definitely worth visiting.

And as soon as I came out
and visited the campus

I liked it a lot...
that’s why I wanted to go.

Once they get you here,
you’re staying.

- Yes.
- You think that’s true?

Yes, I do, um...
you know,

from people that moved
out here thinkin’, you know,

you’re in the desert,
it just--it grows on you.

Since there are no minimum
test scores required at Arizona,

students looking to attend must
undergo a comprehensive review.

Class ranks,
strength of curriculum,

GPA, and extracurricular

are just a few factors
considered during the process.

In-state students will pay
an annual tuition

of just under $7,000.

Students coming from
out of state

will pay approximately
$22,000 a year.

The University of Arizona
has over 300 undergraduate

and graduate degree programs.

Some of those include
Pharmacy, Business Management,

Astronomy, Law,
and a School of Dance.

Our Business Program
is one of the top ranked

Business programs--number 12
for all public universities.

Our engineering program
is very strong.

We also have a pre-med program.

A lot of our students
come in as pre-med

wanting to go into
the medical profession.

Not just in medicine,
but maybe...

speech language pathology,
or dentistry.

We have a lot of students
who go into those

different areas.

Um, a lot of them do decide
to go in different ways.

So, it’s neat to see
that they come in

and have an opportunity
because we have

so many majors that they could
come in as one major

but then maybe graduate
with a different major.

Then it doesn’t--they don’t have
to transfer somewhere else,

they can do it all right here.

Pharmacy is a very
diverse career.

So anything from the actual
filling of prescriptions,

medications that you
probably think about

when you go down
to Walgreens,

all the way over to clinical
experiences in hospitals,

and in different clinics.

There’s a lot of opportunities
for graduate students

to develop in their projects,
and a lot of flexibility

to work with a range
of professors in projects

as well as opportunities
for undergraduates

to get involved in those
projects and work with

top tier research teams
and, you know,

basically school themselves
in their area of research.

There are 2,854 professors
at the University of Arizona,

2,196 of which are full time.

Nearly 99 percent
of full time faculty members

hold their PhD
or terminal degrees.

They are partner
in the learning process.

They, like I said before,
they want you to

take the initiative and go
to their office hours.

But once you do, you’re in.

They want to help you learn.

It’s not just them
as a talking head.

Our lecture halls
and our classrooms

are very state of the art,
that include a lot of

high tech, high savvy,
for these millennials that

help them learn
in different ways.

Everyone has a different
learning technique and style,

and these professors and faculty
want the student

to learn their subject.

They don’t want to be hard,
they don’t want to be tough,

they want you to--
to understand and digest it

and be able to teach
someone else.

And I think that’s just
an amazing aspect

of a University our size
to be able to do that.

The faculty here are
really easy to talk to,

and they’re all really
passionate about what they do.

So, it’s really--if you ever
have a question,

it’s really great to come
and, you know,

ask them about a paper,
an assignment you had,

a question you had in lecture.

Um, they’re really open and
really, you know, easy going.

I really like talking
to my professors.

The Arizona Wildcats compete
in the Pac-10 Conference,

with ten men’s
and women’s teams

competing at
the Division I level.

In order to be
a true Wildcat,

then you need to be a part
of the Zona Zoo section.

It’s the biggest student section
in the entire Pac-10 Conference.

And while we’re talking
about big,

Spring Fling happens here
and it’s the largest annual

student run carnival
in the United States.

There’s over 25,000
people in attendance.

Check it out.

Incoming freshman are not
required to live on campus,

but it is strongly encouraged.

80 percent of freshmen

live on campus each year.

And with over 20 dorms
for students to choose from,

you’re bound to find one
that suits your needs.

I actually love living
in the residence halls.

I met most of my
current friends--

my best friends there.

Um, I loved all the get
togethers that we had.

It was just--it was really fun.

Our hall of girls, we frequently
went out to dinner.

Um, we had a lot of parties
just in our--our hall.

We had door decorating
contests for different holidays.

There are over 500
student organizations

offered at Arizona,
ranging from

service organizations
to Greek life.

Plus, students have
a wide variety

of activities to choose from,
such as art galleries,

poker games,
and even movie night.

There’s so much to do
on campus,

you won’t be spending
any time in your dorm room.

That’s right, every Thursday
through Saturday,

students come to the Gallagher
Theatre to check out movies

that aren’t even released yet
on DVD.

What time is it?

We’re gonna miss
the preview.

Go right ahead.

No need to worry
about the desert being barren,

the opportunities at
the University of Arizona

are endless.

Come visit the Zona Zoo.

Being a Wildcat just may be
the thing for you.

Well, we’re gonna end this tour
right where we started.

Thanks so much
to Wilma and Wilbur,

we couldn’t have done it
without you guys.

Be sure to check out
University of Arizona

for yourselves.

- Bye!
- Bye!

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