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What's up? I'm Ferrari St. Paul with the Youniversity TV, here at SUNY Oswego, the only school in the country directly located on a great lake which happens to be the wonderful Lake Ontario, how cool is that? Are you guys ready to go on a tour? Let's go? 

 SUNY Oswego is located on the southeast corner of Lake Ontario, approximately 35 miles from Syracuse in Oswego, New York. 

 Oswego is surrounded by awesome parks where you can study, relax, or act like a kid. [Laughter] Whoa. 

 Assuming right now if I walk in distance from in town, there's different--there are all sorts of little like shops and stores and places to eat in town. So students kind of just walk down there and then need to know the community. 

 Oswego's campus includes 696 tree-lined acres and 1.5 miles of shoreline on a southeastern edge of Lake Ontario. 

 The natural environment is fantastic here. People would joke around about how it snows and it's so hard, et cetera. I came from down states. I was warned against it. It's a big nothing. 

 Oswego is known for historical landmarks, like this cool Fort Ontario. That is cool. Oswego receives over 1,350 freshmen and 700 transfer students each year, with a total enrollment of 8,200. Fifty-four percent of the student population is female, 6 percent black and non-Hispanic, 4 percent Asian or pacific islanders, and 6 percent are Hispanic. The student to faculty ratio is 18 to 1 with an average class size of 24. 

 The average GPA for an admitted freshman this fall is gonna be about a 90. The average SAT result is gonna be about an 1100 critical reading and math. Average ACT is between a 23 and 24. We pay particular attention to the courses that student has completed. We really focus in on the number of units of math and science and foreign language that they've taken. So it's a competitive place to be admitted to. And with a lot of good academic choices here at Oswego, we feel that we're a good match for a lot of the best students coming to us out of high school. 

 Students' instate yearly tuition is around 4,500 dollars. For out-of-staters, it's around 11,000 dollars, and room and board comes out close to 10,000 dollars. SUNY Oswego offers over 110 academic majors, minors, cooperative, and pre-professional programs. Some student favorites are education, business, graphic design, broadcasting, psychology, public relations, and computer science. 

 We certainly do have some unique options. Meteorology is a program we get a lot of attention for. The zoology program is one of the only zoology programs in the northeast. We've got some offerings in the school of business and areas like marketing that are hard to come by. Broadcasting and communications programs are very popular. Sciences in general have become quite popular, you know, like the biological sciences. We do have a public justice program that is similar to criminal justice. We have a creative writing program and applicants to that program have doubled in the past year. We are always well known for the school of education. It's our history, we were founded as a normal school over 140 years ago and that program continues to be one of the largest programs on campus. 

 Over 80 percent of all faculty members have a PhD or terminal degree, and are fulltime professors. Twenty-four Lakers teams play at the NCAA Division III level. The men's ice hockey team won the first [background cheering] NCAA championship ever for the school. [Inaudible] SUNY Oswego offers 11 residence halls, each with the unique community environment for students to feel safe and at home. 

 [Inaudible] I lived in 3 different residence halls, so I kind of lived in one each year, and that's why I got to know the community on each side of the campus. So it's just the [inaudible] and that's where you make your friends. It's very important I think for everybody to learn on campus the first year or at least first year or so. 

 Ice cream social and a scavenger hunt and a free t-shirt. I don't know about you, but I am so there. There's so much stuff to do here at Oswego. There are more than 40 intramural and intercollegiate athletic teams. Plus, there are more than 150 clubs and organizations. You can see everything posted right here. Get involved. You can even, right here, get a roommate. 

 Good morning Youniversity TV. Everyday, thousands wake up to famous Today Show host and Oswego alum, Al Roker. And now, he's alma mater is home to the WTOP, Al Roker TV studio. Whether you're a good listener, got the gift for gab or just know where to draw the line, SUNY Oswego will expand your horizons. Well, I don't know about you, but after a busy tour day, this chair has my name all over it. So, if you need me, you know where to find me. I'm Ferrari St. Paul, see you later. 

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