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Video Transcript

What's up guys?

I'm Ferrari St. Paul
with YOUniversity TV,

today here at the University
of South Florida, aka...

Bull country!

And the home of the
beast of the Big East.

Let's take a tour.

The University
of South Florida

is located in the
sunshine state,

in the major metropolitan
area of Tampa, Florida.

It's close to beaches,
and has mild winters,

and year-round sunshine,
making for an outdoor

enthusiast's dream.

A few minutes away
you have downtown,

the built up metropolis.

We have a very active nightlife
going on there as well.

So students can enjoy that.

You also do have half hour
away from the university,

you know, the Gulf beaches.

You have the St. Pete Beach,
the Clearwater Beach,

some of the most scenic
and most beautiful beaches

here in Florida.

And if you drive a few miles up
the road, 15 minutes away,

you have like hiking trails,
you have springs,

you have camp sites.

So it's so dynamic,
it's so much to do.

The USF Tampa campus
has 236 buildings

spread over 1,541
acres of land.

There are lots of shady spaces
with sprawling Oak trees,

and duck ponds.

USF has over 29,500 undergrads,
43% male, 57% female,

and 35% ethnic minorities.

The student to faculty
ratio is 19 to one.

The average SAT score
of South Florida's current

freshmen class is 1165,
with an average GPA of 3.75.

Freshmen admitted to the
Honor's College have an average

SAT of 1353.

Florida undergraduate
students can expect to pay

close to $4,000
a year in tuition,

while out of state students
will pay closer to $17,000.

USF offers 219 degree programs
at the Undergraduate, Graduate,

Specialist and Doctoral level,
including Doctor of Medicine.

Some student favorites
include Accounting,

Bio-medical Sciences,
Elementary Education,

and Engineering.

We've been one of the fastest
rising research universities

in the United States.

We are second in the state
of Florida in the amount of

research dollars
that are generated.

Our faculty have been
aggressive and incredible

at what they've done in
this short period of time.

The last couple of years
what we've done is given

the students the opportunity
to work on problems that

benefit people
with disabilities.

And so they work on
various wheelchair designs,

they work on ability
devices of all kinds,

and it's worked out really well.

Mechanical engineering
students designed and built

this versatile wheelchair,
using their forward thinking

and sideways innovation.

It enables the user to be
much more independent,

and get themselves in
and out of small spaces.

In College of Education,
we're linked with the local

school district.

So all of our students
are able to do shadowing

experiences in the schools,
directly observing teachers

who are excellent teachers,
and interacting with kids,

and getting firsthand experience
from the very first class.

At the University
of South Florida,

80% of all faculty members
hold their Terminal Degree.

Among the largest
and most productive

research institutions
in the country,

USF ranks third in the number
of African American faculty,

seventh in the number
of Hispanic faculty,

and first in the number
of female faculty.


The USF Foals compete
in the Big East Conference

at the Division I level
with 17 varsity sports.

Men's soccer just so happens
to consistently rank in the top

25 in the country.

Our football program's
only 12 years old,

but it's been in the top 20
the last two consecutive years.

It's the fastest rising
football program.

It mirrors one of the fastest
rising universities

in the country.

Students at USF have
their choice of traditional,

and suite style residence halls,
apartments or Greek housing.

That's probably the best
experience I've had,

in my life thus far.

I really loved living in
the residence house.

I loved my roommate,
we got along very well.

And the thing is,
I believe that the housing

and residential office here
at USF does a very great job

at matching roommates.

So tell me about the brand
new Marshall Student Center.

Well it's definitely one
of our newest additions

to the campus.

So there's so many things
this really has to offer.

There's the food court,
which has like Chick-Fil-A,

Sbarro in here.

And a lot of kids...

A lot students come
here to study.

All the different floors
have like a...

like a student study lounge
and there's actually all of

our organizations which are,
there's over 300,

have different like offices
that they use to like...

In here?

Yeah, in here.

So what's upstairs?

Oh, there's...There's so
many things upstairs.

Let me show you.

Okay, cool.

Alright, third floor.

So what do we have here?

Top of the Palms which is like
mainly a conference restaurant.

A lot of our colleagues
and some of our Alumni

will come here and hold
different luncheons,

and brunches with their
colleagues since they have

it especially designed to where
they have different rooms

to where you can
kind of have....

Like a conference meeting,
very secretive...

Yeah, a little separate
meeting of your own...

I like it.

...within your own
little lunchroom.

It's very posh,
are we eating there?

Yeah, we definitely can.


Some of the cool things
to do here that the student

government provides
for students are

the concerts
that they throw,

having political candidates
come and speak here.

Nice form.

Students come to
the USF Rec Center

to sign up for yoga classes,
spinning classes,

which are free by the way,
play basketball, racquetball,

maybe swim some laps
in the Olympic size pool...


Think you can handle it?

Then grab the bull by the horns
and apply to the University

of South Florida today.

Well thanks for hangin' out
with me here in Tampa

at the University
of South Florida.

I'm Ferrari St. Paul,
and I'm handin' the ball

off to you.

So you better check
out this school.

Go Bulls.

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