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UC, Berkeley

Video Transcript

Hey, I'm Chloe.

And I'm Levon.

We're at University of
California Berkeley,

the flagship of the ten campus
University of California system.

And one of the world's leading
academic institutions.

They produce more PhD's than any
other university in the country.

The University of California
Berkeley campus is located

in northern California, just off
the San Francisco Bay

in the city of Berkeley,
one of America's most lively,

culturally diverse,
and politically progressive


I love living in the Bay area,
especially in Berkeley.

There's lots to do, lots to eat.

You can go out.

You can go to musical

It's also really easy to get
around because they have

a great bus system,
which students can use for free.

UC Berkeley's campus, also known
as Cal, is a lush 1,232 acres,

surrounded by wooded,
rolling hills.

Several campus buildings have
views of the San Francisco Bay,

and the campus grounds are
adorned with streams,

abundant trees, hills,
and lawns.

This is 4.0 Hill, and rumor has
it that if you roll down this

hill at the beginning of
the semester and your professors

see you, you'll get
straight A's.

Close to 35,000 students are
enrolled at UC Berkeley.

About 23,000 are undergraduates,
and while most are Californians,

every state and more than 100
foreign countries are

represented on campus.

There is no single ethnic
majority here.

Fifty-four percent of
undergraduates are women,

while 55% of graduate
students are men.

Dreaming of spending your four
years at UC Berkeley?

SAT or ACT scores are required,
in addition to a minimum GPA

of 3.0 for Californian residents
and a 3.4 or higher for


Ninety-four percent of
first-time freshmen students

at UC Berkeley hold a GPA
of 3.75 or higher.

What's important to us is that
students are well-rounded,

that students have done
something with their lives

outside of the classroom
that is meaningful,

that has made a difference,
that shows leadership,

community service, and a passion
toward mankind.

Yearly fees at UC Berkeley
are just under $9,000

for all students.

In addition, nonresidents pay
around $21,000 in tuition,

bringing their total
to about $29,000.

Room and board on campus
runs close to $14,000,

plus additional fees for
selected residence halls.

Over 85% of our students are on
some form of financial aid.

Over a third of our students are
on some form of Pell Grant,

because over a third of our
students have incomes

of less than $40,000 a year.

We have more Pell Grant
recipients here at Berkeley

than all of the Ivy's combined.

You'll find more than 130
academic departments,

and more than 40
interdisciplinary research units

at UC Berkeley.

Instruction is even offered
in 58 languages,

including Welsh, Swahili,
Aramaic, and Uzbek.

The top five popular majors are
social sciences, engineering,

biological and life sciences,
psychology, and English.

As an art history major, my
internship is really related

to my field of study.

I work at a gallery in downtown

There's tons of resources here
at Cal to help you.

And the really great thing that
my department does is

they get emails all the time
from museums,

and every time they get an
email, they send it out

to all the art history majors.

You want to go to bat to save
the environment?

Then you might want
to get involved in some

cutting-edge research.

Join the nation's leaders in
developing clean biofuel,

global warming monitoring
systems and better solar systems

and batteries.

Well, if you're interested in
energy and environmental issues,

Berkeley is ground zero.

We take on some of the most
pressing issues

of the 21st Century.

But we do this in a way where
our students are not simply

recipients of knowledge.

They teach a project based class
that is about greenhouse gas

reductions on campus.

It takes existing buildings
and projects and departments,

and it examines how
to green them.

And they are now in the world
working with different

organizations and communities.

UC Berkeley has more than 1,900
highly acclaimed faculty

members, and many, including
Nobel Laureates and Pulitzer

Prize winners, have received
the top honors in their field.

In 1941, right here on campus,
two Berkeley professors

discovered plutonium
and nine of the elements,

including Berkelium
in California.

With so many bright minds,
the university's motto,

Fiat Lux, or "Let there be
light," is totally fitting.

Berkeley's Cal Bear teams are
a member of the Division I

Pac-Ten conference.

The University also offers
a full range of men's

and women's intercollegiate

One of my favorite cheers is one
we do with the alumni,

because all the students sit
together and then all the alumni

sit together across the stadium
from each other.

So the students will start
chanting, "Go!"

And the alumni will chant back,

And so by the end of the cheer,
the entire stadium is echoing

with this, "Go Bears!"

And it's just a really great
feeling of community and spirit.

You have a wide variety of
housing choices at Berkeley.

If you're a new student,
you're guaranteed space if you

meet the application deadline.

And students that live in one of
the theme houses get the best

of residential living combined
with a particular academic

or cultural focus.

Join the CAL hang gliding club
or radio station KALX.

There are over 700 organizations
on campus, and new groups are

constantly in the making.

One of the things I'm involved
in is the Daily Californian,

which is the independent student
paper here at CAL.

And I want to get into
journalism afterwards,

and it really does
help covering things

that the LA Times,
and the San Francisco Chronicle,

and the New York Times
all cover.

If your heart's in
the community,

you just may fall for one of
the Berkeley volunteer programs.

Maybe build a house with the CAL
Habitat for Humanity.

Berkeley students are taught
to look at the world

as how it ought to be instead
of how it is or how it was.

If you wanted to look up one
word that defines what it is

to be a Berkeley alum
or to be a Berkeley student

or to be a Berkeley faculty,
it is the passion.

Did you know that UC Berkeley is
the only school in the country

to have produced more than 3,000
Peace Corps volunteers

since the organization
began in 1961?

So if you're planning to help
build a better future

and need the tool set
to make it happen,

UC Berkeley's got your name.

Thanks for checking Berkeley
out with us.

I'm Levon.

And I'm Chloe for YOUniversity
TV, and we'll see you soon.

Go Bears!

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