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Levon: Welcome to Oglethorpe University. I'm Levon Harvey here on the beautiful campus modeled after Corpus Christy College in Oxford, England. Oglethorpe University is located just 10 miles north of downtown Atlanta, Georgia. And it's even listed on the National Register of Historic Places. One Oglethorpe tradition is a Battle of Bloody Marsh. It's a tug of war, students versus faculty and staff. It's a game that takes place in this quad and refers to a battle fought by General James Edward Oglethorpe, who was the founder of Georgia, and the namesake of the school. Oglethorpe's 100-acre campus is an urban area with large green spaces. Many of Oglethorpe's buildings show a distinctive gothic revival architectural style, and include residents halls along with a performing arts center that houses Georgia Shakespeare, and a collection holding museum. 

 They got to know me on a personal level. And with Oglethorpe I got that small community in a big city; the whole feel that I was really looking for. 

 Levon: OU has little over 1,000 students. 41% of which are minorities, and 6% are international students. The student body is made up of 40% males and 60% females. 

 There really is not a typical Oglethorpe student. Our students come from 30 different states, 30 different countries. There are athletes. They are involved in the theater. There are musicians. It's a place you can come no matter who you are, where you're from, and not feel out of place. 

 Levon: Incoming Freshman average a 3.6 GPA as well as an average SAT score of 1180, or an average ACT composite score of 25. An application essay is required as part of the admission application. All students will pay around $25,000 in tuition for one year, as well as an additional $100 for activity fees, and about $9,500 for room and board. Oglethorpe University offers 28 majors and 36 programs of study. 

 Oglethorpe students are actually coming for approximately 4 top majors here at the campus. We do have a great biology program with a pre-med, pre-professional route. Students get one on one attention from their professors. And there's about an 80% placement rate within their first year into med school. Student also are coming for psychology program and our English program, as well as the business program. Core classes are set up to where you take them over 4 years, instead of all of them packed into 2 years. So you can start with special topics immediately if you want. Or if you don't know what you want to do, you can always start classes that are more general and find out what you like, so you don't have to wait until your junior year to really get into a class that you're interested in. And so there is that small feel both as a freshman, all the way up to when you're a senior. 

 Levon: During the week before graduation, seniors are invited to come to Lupton Hall Bell Tower to ring a Carillon Bell in celebration of their academic achievements. OU has a low student to faculty ratio of only 13 to 1, with an average class size of about 16. This gives students a great opportunity to learn from Oglethorpe's 53 full time faculty members, 39 who are tenured and 95% who have terminal degrees. The faculty was even recently ranked 15th in the nation by the Princeton Review, the best 361 colleges. 

 The student faculty relationship is very close and very intimate at Oglethorpe University, because are a small campus and we have a small student population that really does allow for opportunities for students and faculty members to engage directly and also in significant ways. 

 Oglethorpe has a very small class size, and it's very one on one with professors and teachers. That way; for me it's a lot easier that way. 

 Levon: So Oglethorpe's University Stormy Petrels offer us 14 NCAA Division 3 sports teams, and competes as a member of the Southern Athletic Conference. This schools most successful athletic program is men's golf, which is number 1 in the U.S. 

 The athletics here are great. We have a great training program in the infinity group on campus that works out all the athlete's. They do a lot of the pro athletes as well. 

 A big reason why I did come to Oglethorpe, actually, is because the dorms are so great. We are predominantly residential. We have about 65% of students that do live on campus. 

 Levon: If you want to live in the OU Community, there are 7 residence halls to choose from. Or you might want to live on the Greek Row if you're involved in one of the seven national fraternities or sororities. Oglethorpe offers more than 60 clubs and organizations on campus. You can get involved in the national fraternities, the sororities, volunteer at the Center for Civic Engagement, or even play a sports. And by the way, the OU girl's basketball team advanced to the NCAA Divisor 3 Final Four. 

 In years past we've had a repelling club. There were students that were repelling up the, up the tower out here. This is a place where if you have a good idea it's going to get a hearing. And you'll have a chance to form an activity of your own. New clubs grow up all the time here based on student interest. And faculty supports those interests. 

 Levon: One of the universities most active organizations is The Center for Civic Engagement, which has been named to the U.S. President's Higher Education Community and Service Honor Roll for 2 years in a row. 

 I think it's one of the best ideas that [inaudible] come up with. We have actually gone out of our circle, our little bubble, and interacted with the community in a way that we haven't done it before. And I think that was one of the best ideas that Oglethorpe and the new president had ever had. 

 Oglethorpe has made it to the Guinness Book of World Records. The university is home to the Crypt of Civilization, which is the first and most complete time capsule ever created. But the chances of seeing what's inside of here are very slim. It's locked away here in this basement and won't be opened till the year 8113. Oglethorpe offers a small college feel and a great education with all the excitement Atlanta has to offer. If this describes the college experience you're looking for, be sure to find out more about Oglethorpe University. I'm Levon Harvey. Thanks for joining us at Oglethorpe University. See you next time. 

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