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Hi, guys I'm Ferrari St-Paul welcome to Colorado College the perfect site to take your education to new heights. CC offers top-notch academics at the base of Pike's Peak so if you want to study hard while enjoying camping and hiking this is the spot for you. Let's check it out. Colorado College is just north of downtown Colorado Springs the second largest city in Colorado at the foot of Pike's Peak in the Rocky Mountains. Imagine having these stunning rock formations right in your backyard, you are looking at the garden of the Gods. There are numerous trails for hiking, walking, mountain biking and horseback riding. Colorado College urban campus is a ninety-acre park like setting with a towering backdrop of Pike's Peak. There are about two thousand undergraduate students at Colorado College and roughly forty Master of Arts in teaching students, likely because this is the only graduate degree offered. The student to faculty ratio is a low nine to one and the average class size is just thirteen. 

 The class ratio is very small and that's what I needed. I actually feel free to approach my teacher and be able to talk to them and tell them when I don't understand something. 

 First year or second year students here taking their introductory classes it would be guaranteed in the geology department that out of a one-month class probably one third of the class would be spent outdoors in the mountains hiking, looking at features of the natural environment. 

 Those looking to attend Colorado College should have a composite score between nineteen hundred and twenty-one fifty on the SAT on a twenty-four hundred scale and between twenty and thirty-two on the ACT. 

 The admission committee in particular looks for those students who have passion for learning, freshness of mind, creativity and passion for what they do. 

 All students will pay a yearly total cost of just under $48,000; this includes tuition, housing, meal plan, books, supplies, and personal expenses. The majority of students receive financial aid. CC offers more than eighty majors, minors, and specialized programs. There are study abroad programs, student design majors, and independent studies; some favored majors among students are biology, economics, business, history, and sociology. Colorado College created the block so students could take one course at a time for three and a half weeks. With the block plan, students can focus on one class at a time and classes have the freedom to travel, theology classes camp in the nearby Rockies. Economics classes travel to Wall Street and meet with innovators and investors. Classic classes travel to Greece and trace Homers odyssey. 

 They love when they carry that thirty-pound backpack, they love immersing themselves in that one class. They certainly engage deeply with peers and professors. 

 I'm actually doing a thesis right now with court appointed special advocates downtown, it's a non-profit and they're just amazed at how I can grasp the general concept of something and be able to just take it and run with it and get it down; something they expected me to do in a week I did in four hours so I think the block plan is really great for being able to get things and do it so quickly and so wow. 

 All of CC's one hundred and sixty full time faculty members hold a PhD, are experts in their field and active scholars who also contribute significantly to the global intellectual marketplace. 

 I always try to break the classroom atmosphere as much as I can by you know going for a hike or you know just even hiking down the street to a coffee shop you know or the meadow here you know just to have that extra interaction which I think is very important and also allows me to create the sense of camaraderie and the sense of work ethic that I want in my classroom. 

 I call them by their first names, we have a very personal relationship, and I feel like the vast majority, I took a few classes at the State University and it's an entirely different ballgame. 

 The Colorado Tigers are members of the NCAA Division III in all sports except men's hockey and women's soccer. 

 Most Tigers are major ice hockey fans; this is where the Colorado College Men's Team takes the ice to get ready for the big game. The Tigers hold at least two Division I championship titles, these Tigers kick ice. 

 A wonderful housing opportunity for students, students are guaranteed housing all four years, we having everything from singles to doubles, to quads to some beautiful apartments that have a great view of Pike's Peak. 

 Campus activities are abundant and include outdoor recreation groups, Collegium Musicum, a group that plays ancient music on unusual instruments from past times, the Carnivore Club which hosts barbecue events and the CC Farm Club, a garden and local food movement group. 

 Giving back is important to CC students, nearly 90% of the students are involved in service activities. Here at the Colleges soup kitchen students are dishing up Big Deep, it's actually one of the oldest campus based student run soup kitchens in the country. 

 One of the biggest perks of the Block Plan are the breaks, between each Block students get four days off in which they can travel, volunteer, go camping, hiking, climbing, snowboarding, skiing, kayaking or just sit back and relax. If your dream is to embark on a true intellectual adventure with the freedom of studying one course at a time then wake up to Colorado College. Well I hope you had as much fun as I did exploring the Colorado College in Colorado Springs because our tour is over so I'm Ferrari St-Paul with the YouniversityTV, see ya. 

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