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Video Transcript

Hey, I'm Ferrari St. Paul
and this is YOUniversity TV.

Today I am in the hot air
ballooning capital of the world,

Albuquerque, and we are soaring
to the University of New Mexico.

Let's fly.

The University of
New Mexico is located

in one of the oldest
cities in the country,

New Mexico,

with its multicultural

and Southwest touch
people treasure.

With 310 days of sun,
students have ample time

for outdoor sports like
hiking, biking, and golfing.

The Sandia Mountains
allow for winter sports too.

With the world's longest aerial
tramway taking people directly

from the city to the top
of the ski slopes,

it makes it as easy
as one two three.

All students,
they have a free bus pass,

so it's really easy
to get everywhere.

There's a lot
of things to do.

You know, downtown
with the movie theatre

and a lot of really
historical things.

On Route 66

UNM occupies 600 acres
on historic Route 66,

or what is now known
as Central Avenue.

There's even
a Route 66 Diner

that serves up
your favorite dish.

The University of New Mexico
now occupies 600 acres,

with many modern buildings
that mesh well with

the pueblo revival architecture
of nearby Indian villages.

Besides the historic
buildings, UNM offers up

a beautiful arboretum
and a very popular duck pond.

You can just chill.

It's just a relaxed

and that's how
the students are here.

We're just really chill.

UNM enrolls about 18,000
undergraduates a year.

with 43% men
and 57% women.

The average
class size is 30

with a student to
faculty ratio of 19:1.

The average incoming freshman
enters with a GPA of about 3.34

as well as an ACT score of 21
and an SAT score of 1068.

We have different
ways to be admitted.

We just really
want to encourage

as much higher education
as possible

for as many people
as possible.

On average, in-state
students who chose to

live on UNM's campus will
pay about $16,000 per year,

while out-of-staters will
pay around $26,000.

UNM offers more than
200 degree programs,

94 baccalaureate,
72 masters, and 38 doctorals.

Some of the most popular
among students are

business, education,
and health sciences.

Right away we start
recruiting them into labs.

The students that are in
my lab work with

thermally responsive polymers
which are really cutting-edge.

They work with
mammalian cell culture

to look at cell behavior
with those polymers.

US News and World Report
ranked UNM second in the nation

for rural, medicine,
and photography programs,

third for nursing
and midwifery,

and third for
law school diversity,

sixth in the nation
for clinical law,

and tenth for
family medicine.


We get to design a lot of
buildings, very hands-on.

And so one of the things
that we try to do

is get them to design,
but prototype physically.

We're moving
in a new way,

incorporating something
called digital fabrication.

So we're having things like
laser cutters and CNC mills

that are physical prototypers,
where you can take a digital

model and output it, and it
becomes a physical model.

38% of UNM's faculty are tenured
with a PHD or a terminal degree.

Faculty awards include
a Nobel Laureate,

a recipient of
the MacArthur Fellowship,

and several National
Academy members.

I have some really
wonderful professors.

I would say that they are
incredibly down to earth,

that I have never
been turned away

when I needed to go
talk to a professor.

They're pretty hilarious.

It makes it really easy
to want to go to class

when you have professors
like that cause you never know

what they're gonna say
or what they're gonna do

and it kind of keeps
you on your toes.

Lobo sports are an intrinsic
part of student life,

with more than 600,000
fans attending games.

The UNM football team
has been to four Bowl games

in the past five years.

Place-kicker Katie Hnida
made history when she became

the first woman to play in
a NCAA Division I game.

Lucy Lobo and I
are in the Pit!

The UNM arena
is recognized as

one of the top sports
venues in the country.

It has even hosted
the NCAA Final Four.

Come on Lucy, let's show 'em
some Lobo team spirit.


Athletics is awesome.

Everybody always
wears red on Fridays.

It gets really, really crazy.

And if you've never been
to a game in the Pit,

you haven't experienced
a true college basketball game.

Every year, more than 2,200
students make their home

at one of the eight
on-campus residence halls,

and New Mexico offers
another several hundred

in off-campus, family,
or grad student housing.

My freshman year I lived in
a dorm called Hokona and I met

tons and tons of people,
a lot of other freshman.

And I just really
felt like it made me

want to be here on campus.

It made me want
to get involved.

UNM has over 400
student organizations,

like a flamenco
dance group,

the student newspaper,
or travel for a semester

on a national or international
exchange program.

Whatever you decide,
you have plenty of choices.

The dorm-wide system
puts out programs as well,

so they take people
to the ice skating rink

and they have brew ball.

They've taken people
snowboarding and skiing,

so there's like
a range of things.

I first started getting involved
in a couple of honor societies

and community
service organizations.

I've had fun just
serving the community

and you get to meet
a lot of really neat people.

If you live for your latte,
then you'll love this fun fact.

UNM is the first
school in the country

to have Starbucks in
its university library.

So come sip your caramel
macchiato or your cafe mocha

and get a taste of Starbucks
collegiate history.

A rodent disease, yuck!

Thank goodness
for Terry Yates,

a long time faculty
member of UNM,

who helped discover
the source of the Hanta virus.

If you want to learn from
highly skilled professionals

in the multicultural

make sure you check out
the University of New Mexico.

I'm Ferrari St. Paul
and you might see me

up there somewhere.

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