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Video Transcript

Some states are watching Youniversity TV. I'm Shaina, 

 And I'm Jessica. We're here at Old Dominion University, home of the Monarch. 

 Come join us on our campus tour. 

 Old Dominion University is located in Norfolk, Virginia, where the city meets the sea. Old Dominion is a 188 acre campus of lush green landscaping on the Elizabeth River. 

 A year ago we had the opportunity to keep concerts and, and shows, and plays, and [inaudible] anywhere in the country, they come right here. We then have the access to all the activities that takes place on the oceanfront in Virginia Beach. And you have the opportunity to go up to Williamsburg, and whether you want to enjoy history or spend the day at Bush Gardens. So there's tremendous opportunities for our students to do neat stuff when they're not in class. 

 Whoa. You gotta walk around. Just a friendly tip for all you undergrads, be careful where you step. 

 Legend has it that any student who walks across the field won't make it to graduation. 

 When I came in first thing they said, don't step on the field until you graduate. It's a tradition that you walk across the field once you're heading to the [inaudible] for commencement. So I participated in the commencement exercises, and I, I made sure that I didn't step on the field, because I'm not graduating yet. 

 Only when a student has graduated can they tread across it, lightly. 

 Old Dominion has nearly 14,000 undergraduates. 59% of the student body is female. And there are 11,000 international students from more than 100 countries. 

 My classes are great, because we've got professors from different countries, which brings a lot into the classroom. Brings diversity and better for students that they are getting not only like they U.S. view, but the worldwide view. 

 We're looking for a student who is at least a B plus high school student who ranks in the upper third, we prefer a high school class. Obviously there are exceptions. Only want someone who's shown the ability to participate in, in their high school activities, because that's the kind of student we want here. Someone who's engaged in, in sense of the campus life besides their academics. 

 Tuitions currently average at $6,000 for in state students, and $16,500 for out of state students. 

 Old Dominion offers 68 Bachelors Degrees, 60 Masters, and 35 PHD's, and 6 colleges. 

 Old Dominion is nationally recognized for their modeling and simulation programs. One example, this virtual operating room. 

 ODU students work with researchers to develop these virtual environments that can help out real world problems. 

 The research that the university is doing is, is absolutely remarkable. And this undergraduate student can become involved with this. 

 Blue and silver may be the schools colors, but Old Dominion has definitely gone green. In fact, the schools engineering and computer science is made of recycled material, and it's certified as an environmentally sustainable building. 

 Old Dominion has over 1,000 faculty members that are nationally recognized leaders in their field, and also brings new world experience to the classroom. Providing students with innovative and engaging teachers. 

 Some of our classes are very, kind of interactive classes. For example, my class, on the Chesapeake Bay we spent a week actually sailing on the Chesapeake Bay during Spring Break. Those students got to experience the kind of, the life of a mariner and what it was really, really like. And, and in conditions that are not exactly Spring Break party weekend type stuff. 

 I really have a very close relationship with the faculty. They're my advisors. And for everything that I do they're, they're there to help. They're always willing to help and see what they can do for you. And they have their office hours, so the faculty here is just wonderful. 

 The ODU Monarchs compete in 16 men's and women's teams in the Colonial Athletic Association. Capturing 28 team national championships, and 4 individual titles. When it comes to football, the Monarchs are undefeated. Okay, so they don't have an official team yet, but they play their first game in 2009. 

 Choose from single or double rooms, suite or apartment style living, or a more traditional residence hall building with private baths. 

 I live in the Ireland House. I lived there my past semester, and it was absolutely wonderful. I had 3 great roommates that were great girls I'll have a connection with forever. 

 Old Dominion has more than 200 scenic clubs and organizations where you will exchange stories, meet fascinating people, and share interests with others. There are traditional Greek fraternities and sororities. Groups for students with similar majors, professional organizations, honor societies, religious organizations, and minority student groups. 

 We have over 200 organizations on campus. We have a freshman class council, which builds every year once we've gone up. So that's, you know, catered to the freshman. You have just organizations that really will fit. 

 There's so much to do for students on campus. [inaudible] fun, and active, and vibrant the special events at the head constant center. And the community's getting involved. I can't wait for football games, it's gonna be so much fun. 

 So if you are looking for a major metropolitan university that still has a small town feel, and a culturally and ethnically diverse student body, Old Dominion University is just what you're looking for. 

 Okay, our times up here in Norfolk, Virginia. 

 Hope you enjoyed your campus tour of Old Dominion University. 

 Time to go. 

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