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[background music] Hey what's up? I'm Nicole Erin and today I'm coming to you from Providence College, home of the Friars who are aptly named since the school is Roman Catholic and Providence College is a 4 year liberal arts college and the only college and university in the United States to be founded and conducted by Dominican Friars. Providence College is located in the city of Providence, Rhode Island, which not only is the capital city but is one of the older cities in the U.S. Founded in 1636 by Roger Williams and named in honor of God's providence. Providence is the cultural center of Rhode Island featuring several museums in a lively arts and entertainment district and a zoo and is home to about 175,000 residents. 

It's a good location in terms of being close to the beaches, being close to Boston, being close to New York City, all that stuff. It's a good like central location, I think personally. It's a really good city to go to school in. 

Nicole: Providence College sits on a 105 acre suburban style campus in Northwest Providence just 10 minutes from the Providence Arts entertainment and cultural district and features a French gothic styling's of the schools Harkins and St. Dominic Chapel, which sets the tone for the look of the campus. 

In 1917 Harkins Hall was the only building on campus. Now it houses many executive offices including the admissions office, the Presidents office and classrooms. Providence enrolls 3800 undergraduate students with a majority of those living on campus. In addition there are just over 800 graduate students and roughly 600 students in the continuing education program. Providence College is highly selective when it comes to admissions. In fact for the class of 2011 alone, 9800 students applied for just 975 spots. Providence is one of a handful of liberal arts colleges in the U.S. that has made the standardized test score optional in the application review process. Although the average SAT score is 1197. 

The faculty at Providence College is very committed to not only the academic growth and experience of the students but also the social, athletic, spiritual. We have a very holistic approach. 

Nicole: At Providence, each student gets an individualized application review with emphasis on strong high school academic performance, extracurricular activities and strong character. Tuition for students at Providence runs just under $29,000 per year and the school offers a great variety of options for room and board plans ranging from just under $5,800 plus meal expenses. Providence offers 49 majors and 34 minors and was the first in the country to offer an undergrad degree in public and community service studies. 

We are a city even though we're a suburban campus. And so we have a lot of community opportunities for community based learning, whether it's through the public service program or through political science internships or other internships. Right around us, within walking distance, there are 20 or 30 organizations that we have partnerships with. 

Nicole: Some of the more popular majors include management, marketing and biology. 

Well I think that one of the unique things about Providence College is incoming freshman including biology majors, especially biology majors, have an opportunity to do research. A couple of my students here started with me the very first day they came in as freshman and they've been training with me for two years. Several of them have asked to be trained for all four years and I will do that to prepare them for graduate school, medical school or any of the professional programs that they seek to enter. 

Our average class is about 22 so you really get a professor who knows your name. You're not like a number somewhere. You're not a face in the background. You definitely get the, kind of you know one on one with them. I had a professor who actually has helped me through every step of the course cause I had a lot of difficulty with it. I met with her, she would ask me questions like how are you doing? Are you understanding this, that kind of thing so it's really, really personal. 

Nicole: Providence College employs 276 fulltime faculty members with 91% of them holding the highest academic degree in their specialty. Providence College has a great reputation for basketball and hockey. The men's basketball team has been in the final four twice and the men's hockey team had several Hockey east titles. On campus housing at Providence features 9 traditional halls, 5 apartment buildings and a recently built suite style residence. 

Dorm life here at Providence is actually a lot of fun because it starts off in the freshman year and you kind of build a community cause it's open door policy. I know in the male dorms you're always running around seeing who wants to play video games, whose up for what sports games. 

Nicole: There are over 100 clubs for students to participate in with over half of all students at Providence participating in Intramural sports. In addition, more than 2,000 students participate in community service, giving an estimated 45,000 hours of their time to the local community. Some of the famous Providence alumni include Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut, Billy Donovan, the two time national championship coach of the Florida Gators and several national hockey league general managers and a head coach. Providence College gives students a chance to demonstrate their skills both in and out of the classroom in a cultural and historic setting while preparing them for rewarding careers. So if you're looking for a college that is strong in academics and gives students a chance to work closely with their professors, you may want to consider Providence College high on your list of choices in a four year school. Transform yourself, transform society, that's the invitation and promise offered to you at Providence College. Thanks for joining me on the campus tour. We'll see you real soon. 

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