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Video Transcript

Sup, y'all?

I'm Ferrari St Paul,
and this is YOUniversityTV,

where we put you in university.

Today we're here
at Troy University,

home of the Trojans!

Come join us on our tour.

Troy University is located
in the southern city

of Troy, Alabama,
which is about an hour

south of the capital city
of Montgomery

and only about two hours
away from the pristine

Gulf of Mexico beaches.

No, we're not far at all
from the beach,

so a lot of my girlfriends
packing up the car

and going down
just for a Saturday trip.

Look at this weather--
it's just beautiful down here.

In Baltimore, we would
not be outside right now;

it'd be too cold.

Troy has four campuses
in Alabama,

including its 460-acre
main campus in Troy,

which offers students
historic architecture

with thoroughly
modern amenities,

including state-of-the-art

Need to make a phone call
between classes?

There's a British-style phone
booth right here in the quad--

great place for a private call.

Excuse me, have to take this.

Troy University enrolls
approximately 6000 students

and is home to a large
international population,

hosting students
from 60 nations.

As far as getting admitted
into the university,

all it really takes is just
to make sure they get

three simple things to us,
and that's, of course,

their application, which does
come with an application fee,

and then their
high school transcripts

and then their test scores,
ACT or SAT scores.

Then we begin making
the admissions process

possible for potential students.

Incoming first-time freshmen
need all required

college prep courses
with a minimum of

a 2.0 high school GPA
and a minimum score

of 19 on the ACT
or 910 on the SAT

to be accepted
into Troy University.

We're really just looking
for the typical student

that wants to come in
and be a great part

of the Trojan family.

Alabama residents,
along with those

from certain counties
in Georgia and Florida,

can expect to pay
just under $9800 per year

for tuition, fees,
and room and board.

That amount for
out-of-state students

is just under $14,000 per year.

I thought it was important
to pursue an education

in a renowned school,
which is a perfect reason

that I'm here at Troy because
it's a bargain university.

You get a great education,
but you don't have to

break your bank to come here.

Troy University offers
over 70 different majors

and 50 different minors,
plus a graduate program

for students to help pave
their way for their career path.

The average class size is 28,
and Troy will also be adding

a doctoral program in nursing
in the very near future.

I bet you didn't know
that Troy has

a top athletic training program.

Students learn how to do
everything from tape ankles

to evaluate athletic injuries.

Now, I'm ready
to take the field.

I bet you didn't know that Troy
has nationally-ranked programs

in nursing, sports fitness

business, and education--
which are also some of

the most popular majors.

The university is placing much
more emphasis on research.

Our departmental policy is not
to sacrifice the relationship

to the students--
in fact, if anything,

embrace the students
and bring them into the research

because this helps them
for their professional career.

Troy's student-to-teacher ratio
is a low 18:1,

and 75% of the professors
hold a Ph.D.

or their terminal degree.

Professors here are just, uh--
I think they're really

genuinely interested in
the students' academic success.

They tell you like it is,
they teach you the material,

and you learn it!

They don't give your grades,
they make sure that you earn

your grades, because that's
the society in which we live:

You earn your salary,
you earn your respect.

And so the teachers foster that
here at Troy University.





Come to Troy and get
into the Trojan spirit.

Eight men's
and nine women's teams

compete at the Division I level
in the Sun Belt Conference.

Trojan football games
kick off right here

in the Movie Gallery Stadium.

Students looking to be closer
to their professors and classes

can take advantage of
eight residence halls,

plus new suite-style
apartments on campus

that are reserved
for upperclassmen.

My first year and a half,
I lived in a dorm,

and one of my roommates
went through a break-up,

which, of course,
is usually so traumatic.

But we all got together
in the dorm and threw her

a break-up party--
got her a cake, balloons,

the whole nine yards,
and spent the whole night

just hanging out
and having a good time.

There are a great number
of activities that students

can get involved in.

We have well over 200 different
organizations here on campus,

whether students want to get
involved in Greek organizations

or other social organizations
or even service organizations.

Here's an interesting stat.

A division of Troy University
called University College

is available to students
in 15 states outside of Alabama

and in 13 foreign locations.

Also available
is their e-campus,

which serves online students
in every state in the U.S.

and worldwide in 13 time zones.

If you're looking for
a world-class education

in an ever-growing
classic college setting,

be sure to check out
Troy University.

Thanks for joining us
here in Troy, Alabama

on our tour of
Troy University.

I'll see you all around
Trojan Town!





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