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Ferrari: Welcome to Youniversity TV. I'm your host Ferrari St. Paul. [phonetic] Today we are at Oklahoma State University. And I can't wait to take a tour of this campus. Let's go. 

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 Ferrari: Okalahoma State University is located in Stillwater, Okalahoma. Known for its welcoming atmosphere and charming community. 

 Stillwater is definitely a college town. 

 We have the third place, which is where a lot of people go to study. 

 For those of who like the outdoors, you have two lakes and two camping and recreational facilities. You can go fishing. You can go camping out there. Jet ski, water ski, everything like that. And then there's the tumbleweed, they have concerts out there all the time. Dance hall. And then in Stillwater there's always something to do, always a place to go. 

 Ferrari: The 840 acre OSU campus is by far the most picturesque in the state. With its Georgian Style Architecture, fadea [phonetic] pond and plenty of lush green space to relax and study for exams. OSU's student population is 23,000, with 51% men and 49% women. 19% of the student body is from a diverse background. 

 We have students from every walk of life. 

 We have a very diverse school. 

 We have one of the highest student populations of Native Americans. 

 We represent over 200 countries here with our international students. So you have that diversity, and then you have people coming from, not only Okalahoma, but a lot of Texas people. And there are a lot of people from out of state. 

 Ferrari: [inaudible] Oklahoma State have an average ACT score of 25, and SAT of 1130, and a GPA of 3.0. 

 What we're trying to do is, is be able to predict that you can do the work. And I would say that Oklahoma State would be in the mainstream of a comprehensive research university in terms of the admission requirements. 

 Ferrari: In state students could expect to pay about $19,000, and out of staters around $28,000 per year towards tuition, fees, room, board, transportation, books, and other expenses. OSU offers more than 200 degree options, within 6 academic colleges, as well as the nationally recognized honor college. Some of the most popular majors are engineering technology, mechanical and aerospace engineering, animal science, and marketing. 

 We've had students go on to be veterinarians. A lot of students go on to be veterinarians, PHD's in animal breeding, lots of them in the sales area. Anything that has to do with animal science, with livestock production, they've gone on and do banking, feed sales, all those type of things. 

 Ferrari: Hotel and restaurant administration is just one program on OSU's academic menu. The Rancher's Club Restaurant is a way for students to get hands on experience while they're still in school, and it's a great place to grab lunch on campus. Let's see, the Cowboy's Schnitzel, [phonetic] sounds really good. The OSU's Center for Health Sciences is one of the top schools in the country for rural medicine and primary care. Plus, students from all over the world are drawn to OSU for their veterinary medicine school that is located on the Stillwater Campus. 

 We got to run and test experiments for like clinical studies and stuff. Doing, using statistics. Just running kind of depression test and actually administering the surveys, and maybe the questionnaires and such. 

 Ferrari: The OSU faculty includes a number of leading field researchers, and an array of nationally published authors and scientists. 79% of Okalahoma State faculty members have a PDH or a terminal degree. And students are fortunate to have a 19 to 1 student to teacher ratio. 

 Well my relationship with faculty is awesome, because like OSU has this policy where every teacher has to have an open door policy. 

 And you're able to meet with them once a week if not more. And so you can go in there and just talk with them. And the more you talk with them, just the better it is for you, because you get to know them, they get to know you. 

 Ferrari: Pistol Pete is the number 1 cowboy on campus. He fires up fans here in the Boone Pickens Stadium. Together cowboys and cowgirls have worn nearly 50 NCAA National Championships. And Pistol Peter was there for it all. OSU has 27 residence halls, including traditional rooms, apartments, and suites. Feel free to take advantage of the living learning communities, where you can live alongside students with the same major, or common interests. 

 I lived in a traditional dorm my first year here on college. And I think there's nothing like that first year experience of living in a traditional dorm. You get to meet so many people. I had like 60 people on my floor, because it was, it is a high rise, and like that. And that was a lot of fun. I was floor president, though. We planned programs every week just to have, just to have things for us to do. Like maybe it was a movie night with a different girls floor. Club [phonetic] dates with a different girls floor. Or we would just; in general just hanging out. At any time of the night you can find somebody hanging out. 

 Ferrari: OSU is home to more than 400 student organizations, and an active intramural community. Students can participate in everything from soccer and basketball to rock climbing and inner tube water polo. And if you're looking for a family on campus, the OSU's Stillwater campus is 16% Greek. 

 We have hundreds of organizations on campus. And if students can't find something that they're interested in, they can, if they have enough people they can create that group themselves. 

 You probably know him best as the country music star with friends in low places, but I bet you didn't know Garth Brooks is also an OSU Cowboy, and I heard he was quite the [inaudible]. So if you're looking for a university that is intellectually challenging, offers hands on experience with a world-class faculty and cutting edge resources, check out Okalahoma State University. Well thanks for moseying on through OSU with me. I'm Ferrari St. Paul in Stillwater, Okalahoma. Go Pokes! 

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 O.S.U. Cowboys! 

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