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Video Transcript

Hey, what’s up guys?

I’m Sheana Jean.

And I’m Nicole Erin,
and this is YOUniversity TV.

Today we’re at the University
of Alabama at Birmingham.

Home of the Blazers.

Let’s go for a tour.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham
is located in the heart

of college friendly
Birmingham, Alabama

which is the largest
population center in the state

and nicknamed the Magic City
for its early, rapid growth

after being founded in
the late 19th Century.

Birmingham continues its magic
today being named one of

the 50 hottest cities
in the U.S. in 2005

by Expansion
Management Magazine.

Downtown Birmingham
offers a lot for UAB students

to get involved with.

We also are centrally located
with the medical facilities

and tons of research
opportunities as well as

the largest business district.

So students can have
internships that you really

wouldn’t get going to a campus
that wasn’t located in um,

such a large city.

The University of Alabama
Birmingham’s main campus

is situated on 305 acres
and covers a mass

of 80 square blocks.

Did you know that the
University Boulevard

is he busiest intersection
in the country?

This well manicured campus has
the look of a classic college,

plus all the modern
conveniences offered

by state of the art facilities.

UAB enrolls close to
11,000 undergrads

and 17,000 total students
with a student body mix

of about 61% female to 39% male.

Incoming freshmen looking
for admission to UAB

need to have a minimum
ACT score of 20 along with

a 2.25 cumulative high school
GPA and have met all

the college prep class

Tuition and fees plus room
and board and other expenses

runs just over $15,000 per year
for Alabama residents.

That figure for out of state
students rises slightly

to about $21,000 per year.

The University of Alabama
Birmingham offers

50 majors and 38 program

within those majors.

No, this is not Law And Order.

This is UAB’s mock trial
courtroom where students

get hands on experience.

Shayna, you’re out of order!


Some of UAB’s most popular
majors include business,

nursing, engineering, health
professions, and biology.

In addition to teaching
invertebrate zoology,

I also take my undergraduate
students to the Bahamas

to teach them about
marine biology,

to Costa Rica to learn
about rainforest ecology,

and most recently the Galapagos
Islands to learn about

the ecology of the Galapagos.

As far as schools in Alabama,
this is probably the best

university to go to for science
and anything engineering.

I’m a science major
myself so of course,

this is a great school for me.

Also, the opportunities for
research are endless here.

UAB is noted for its nationally
recognized honors program

as well for its professional
and graduate programs

in the fields of medicine,
dentistry, optometry,

public health, and business.

As soon as I came into the
business school specifically,

they talked about internships
available everywhere and

that I would be, have
the opportunity to work

hands on with local government
and that type of thing.

And I knew that that’s
what I wanted to be.

UAB has over 2,200 full and
part time faculty members

and 91% of them have
a PhD or terminal degree.

The University also has
a very low 17 to one

student to faculty ratio giving
it a small school atmosphere

despite being a
larger institution.

UAB attracts faculty
from all over the world.

We have the top researchers,
scientists, artists,

who not only teach
inside the classroom,

but they are practicing
their craft outside

of the classroom and they
bring a wonderful element

to the educational
experience here.

The students really like most
every person on the faculty.

We’ve got historians
that are tops in their field

who are well published
and well thought of

and got a real broad spectrum.

16 men's and women's
Blazer athletic teams compete

in 13 different sports at
the Division I level

in Conference USA.

I go to most of
the football games,

all the ones that I can make
and I go to the basketball game.

The one that sticks out the most
was when we beat Memphis

my freshman year and
we all stormed the floor.

It was, it was fantastic.

We camped out the night
before to get tickets.

We’re a young school.

So we’re actually in the midst
of making our tradition

right now which is
kind of cool to be

on the verge of something.

You feel like you’re on top of a
tidal wave ready to crash down

with all the new tradition.

It’s just fun to see it,
kind of build it around you,

be part of that.

More than 1,600 students live
in five housing communities

here at UAB.

It gives them a chance to
not only be close to class

and their professors,
but also it adds another

vibrant dimension
to life on campus.

Living on campus is
a great experience.

You get to meet
all kinds of people.

You’re close to your classes,
you can walk to everything.

UAB students have over
150 student organizations

available on campus
ranging from Greek life,

to leadership development, to
service learning opportunities.

I bet you didn’t know that UAB
researchers were the first

to identify important genes
related to the HIV virus.

Or that it’s the only college
or university in Alabama

to offer a major in
biomedical engineering.

The university also has a Grammy
award winning professor

of music and two
other professors

with a point in Antarctica
named after them.

If you’re looking for a
university that's making

bold strides into
the new millennium

and offers students
the opportunity to be on

the cutting edge of new
technologies and careers,

look no further than

the University of
Alabama at Birmingham.

Thanks for joining
here on our tour of

University of Alabama
at Birmingham.

We hope you had as
much fun as we did.

I’m Nicole Aaron.

And I’m Shayna Gene.

And we’ll see you real soon.


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