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Video Transcript

Hey, what’s up YOUniversity
TV watchers?

Today we’re at
Valparaiso University,

home of the Crusaders.

And lucky for me I’ve got
my very own tour guide

today with me.

Let’s go.

Oh, wait, I forgot to tell you,
my name’s Nicole.

Let’s go.

Valparaiso University is
located in Valparaiso, Indiana

just one hour
southeast of Chicago,

two and a half hours
north of Indianapolis,

and twenty minutes from
the shores of Lake Michigan.

Midwest Indiana is
a great place to be.

We have the access obviously
to Chicago land resources,

we have the beautiful
Lake Michigan,

such a beautiful body
of water so close,

we can kind of go to Florida
whenever it’s nice

and summery and go
to the beaches.

Valpo has a beautiful 320-acre
residential campus.

The aesthetic focal points are
the Chapel of the Resurrection,

Center for the Arts,
Christopher Center for Library

and Information Resources
and the Union.

Together they form the quad and
serve as the heart of campus.

Valpariaso University
is a community

of caring individuals.

It is a home away from home
and it’s a wonderful place

to grow and thrive and really
come into one’s own being.

There are nearly 4,000 students
total at Valparaiso University.

49% are men, 51% women,

and 13% are multicultural
international students.

The student to faculty
ratio is 12 to one,

and the average
class size is 20.

I think my favorite
thing is that I've met

so many people from
all across the country.

Being from New York,
I mean I sort of assumed

that when I got here
there would be just,

the majority of the student body
would be from the Midwest

but that's really not the case.

I mean, there’s
just a good variety.

The average incoming freshman
has at least a GPA of 3.3,

an ACT between 22 and 28, and
an SAT critical reading and math

score between 1030 and 1260.

Students pay a tuition fee
of about $26,000,

room and board
is close to $7,500,

plus additional costs brings the
total to about $37,000 a year.

92% of Valpo’s students
receive financial aid

through scholarships, grants,
loans, and campus employment.

Valpo offers more
than 70 majors including

pre-professional majors.

Some undergrad students faves
are business administration,

engineering, nursing,
meteorology, and education.

Well what we do here is
we’re trying to introduce

3D technology
into the classroom.

You’ve probably heard
of it as virtual reality

and that’s really
what this room is.

So behind me are a whole bunch
of programs that have been

written by our students
in virtual reality

so that we can bring that
and somehow come up

with applications to help
them in the classroom.

And we think it,
it’s pretty unique

for a school our size
to have this facility.

Valparaiso University
is consistently ranked

a top masters level
university in the Midwest.

It is also well known
for its arts and sciences

programs and Christ College,
the honors college,

one of the few honors colleges
in the United States.

The religious environment
affects our courses

and classes in that
we emphasize

values based leadership so
if the religious dimensions

of the school provides
a foundation

for the values based leadership
and the emphasizing

of ethics and social

Valpo has a total
of 377 faculty members.

Approximately 91% hold their
doctorate or terminal degree.

You’re talking about
individual relationships

with your professors,
the ability to just walk

into their office and uh,
really strike up a conversation

with them so, to me,
what they do here in terms

of teaching can’t be
matched anywhere else.

Now I know you're a very
busy man cheering on

18 Division I sports teams
in the Horizon League,

so I really appreciate
you doing this for me today.

So just tell me a little
bit about yourself.

I love walking on
the beach at night too.

We should do it together.

But let’s get down
to the dirty stuff.

Can you show me how to
do the touchdown dance?

You gotta go?

Well can we do lunch
at the Union?

Sweet, I’ll meet ya there.

Bye, thank you!

Valpo offers traditional
residence halls

and apartments for students
to make their home

away from home.

Valpo students have nearly 100
organizations and activities

to participate in including
15 national fraternities

or sororities.

What she said.

German majors and minors
have the option to immerse

themselves in the culture
and language by living

in the Kade-Dusenberg German
House and Culture center.

Here they must speak German
in all common areas,

for instance at dinner,
where they can invite

their friends, relax, converse,
in German of course,

which is why Rebecca’s
here because she’s

going to teach me some
of the language in case

I get invited.

Where would you like to start?

From the beginning.

Okay, let’s do
“Hello, my name is.”




Ich heisse...

Ich heisse...



Hallo, ich heisse Nicole.

Ach, super.

Valpo students perform
over 54,000 hours

of community service combining
work and fun in one.

The university’s chapter of
Engineers Without Borders

traveled to Kenya
building windmills,

and irrigation systems for
the residents of Nakor.

And the nursing students travel
to Central America annually

and provide healthcare
services for those in need.

In recognition for its
commitment to promote

global learning both in
and out of the classroom,

the university recently
received a prestigious

Senator Paul Simon Award.

Looking to build
a future local or aboard?

Then climb to great heights
at Valparaiso University.

You found me.

The Crusader’s not here, is he?

Because I’m not
ready for my date.

But thanks for
joining me here today,

but I've got to go,
I’ve gotta get ready.


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